Fordham/Ailey Audition

Can anyone speak to what style most of the solos were? Is a classical ballet one appropriate?

@Kimberking I think it was pretty mixed - they’re only done in front of the judges, so my DD wasn’t able to see anyone’s in person. But from what we saw in the waiting room as people were warming up, I’d say it ranged from lyrical, contemporary, ballet, jazz. Go with whatever is most comfortable and what your dancer is best at. Are you attending a regional audition? I thought the NYC ones were done. Good luck!!

Thanks. My DD is auditioning in Miami on Monday. We couldn’t get any of the NYC dates to work between other auditions and Nutcracker.

@Kimberking I wish your DD luck! I hope the Miami regional audition is better run than the one my DS went to. He was not impressed with how everything was run and got an overall sense that the people running it just didn’t want to be there. Well, except for one who he said was really nice! It was super unorganized got off to a late start and left a sour taste in his mouth, when compared to all the other auditions. No parent info session, so not able to ask any questions about the school or anything like that. The school unfortunately, has since fallen off his list altogether.

Thanks, @NevrMynd51. I’m looking out my window at snow falling, so at least I’ll get to be in Miami for a few days even if it’s not well run.

Has anyone heard anything yet?

@dancetimestwo Son just got an email today to make sure that his portal was active. The decision was said to come on March 13th. Funny thing is he has already crossed it off his list, at least in his mind. I told him what we are looking for at this point are options. Good luck to your dancer!

Spoke too soon. Talk about timing. D just told me she got the same message. At least we have a date. Good luck to all.

My D got a message as well. Waiting stinks, but I agree - at least we have a date!

My daughter just got waitlisted to the BFA program. Anyone have experience with this?

Wondering if anyone that was waitlisted ever came off the waitlist and was offered and spot.