Fordham Class of 2024

Starting this thread for the upcoming application season! If you would like to share what your major is, when you hear back questions,etc comment below!

Fordham? I thought this forum was only for people applying to elite schools :frowning:

I just applied Early Action and I’m super scared because Fordham is one of my top schools I would love to go to. Did anyone else get a fee waiver or know anything about them?? I got one and I’ve been getting emails from Fordham like every day but sadly I don’t think it means anything, just their marketing. It’s probably because I toured but let me know if anyone has heard about fee waivers being a good sign…

All three of my kids have applied to Fordham, and all three got fee waivers. My daughter did get in. My son was wait listed and later got in. And my third has applied there Early Action for 2024.

So hard to tell what the fee waivers do or don’t mean. I do know that a few of my son’s friends that had lower GPA and test scores than him did NOT get fee waivers. But on the other hand it could be something that they do to make them look more selective with regard to their admissions percentages.

The fee waiver thing … wish there was a rhyme or reason as to which schools my daughter has received waivers from and which she has not.
Got fee waiver at Swarthmore, Northeastern, U Chicago, George Washington and American, not at Temple or Fordham
35 ACT, 1540 SAT, 4.62wGPA, NMS/F

My son applied EA for Class of 2024 and received a fee waiver. It is the only school so far that provided one. Not sure if it means anything; however this is a reach school (and lots of kids from his high school apply) for him, so we’ll shall wait and see…

Just joining in to say, my dd20 applied EA and is very excited to hear back. She’s hoping for Gabelli Business with the honors program. She also received a fee waiver after she submitted her app, which was really nice.

My D applied EA. Got a few waiver but never visited. Applying for English. Her stats:

GPA 3.75 UW (Some honors and AP’s)
ACT 30 (with 35 reading & 33 English)
EC’s okay to fair
Recs & essay: Recs- teachers said they were very good. Essay was very personal & we think really good.

I applied EA for Communication and Culture at RH!

i applied ea for rose hill - sociology!

Hi! I applied to Fordham Rose Hill Early Decision with a major in DTEM! Super excited to hear back, one more month or so!!!

I applied EA for Neuroscience at the Lincoln Center Campus. The Rose Hill campus is not too far from where I live so I didn’t want to go there (and my high school is in the city too).

I applied EA for Psychology at the Rose Hill Campus! Hoping to hear back soon

i applied ED for business administration at rose hill!!

I applied for Economics for EA, for Economics for Lincoln Center Campus. When should we find out?

My son applied EA for Rose Hill Gabelli School of Business. Can’t wait to hear back.

I got a fee waiver and get a bunch of emails as well. Good luck!

Also forgot to mention that I got a fee waiver too!

I was reading through some old threads about Fordham which mentioned likely letters…has anyone received one or heard of them??

not yet - i believe those are sent around thanksgiving.