Fordham EA Class of 2020 Discussion Thread

Hey! My name is Emily and I applied to Fordham EA a few days ago. I just thought we could share stats, decisions, and discuss stuff here.

35 ACT (35 E/35 M/35 R/36 E)
800 Math II/800 US History/740 Biology
I applied to Gabelli at Rose Hill

Does anyone know when we’ll get the decisions?

My son also applied EA to the Gabelli School at RH. I had thought there was notification by 12/20, but somewhere on here I read that their EA admissions are rolling, so I now have no idea. I am curious, have you received any notice that they received your app? His was submitted over a month ago. The only thing missing, as far as we knew, was the test scores, which got caught up in the delay last week. However, they now show submitted 10/28. Just curious if there is a portal or way to check your submission. Good luck! I don’t want to put too much info since it’s not even my app, but we are from the St. Louis area and visited last spring.

ETA- From the website, they extended their deadline and it says: In Early Action, students apply early and receive a decision well in advance of the University’s regular response date. Early action is a non-binding (students are not required to enroll if admitted) application plan. Our deadline is November 8. Decisions will be received by December 20.

@CAMidwestMom Yes, they emailed me on November 2nd saying that they got my application and gave me my pin for the online applicant portal.

Something is up, either it is lost in his emails or there is some other issue. That info is very helpful, thank you!

Anyone else?

And does anyone know when everyone got their decisions last year?

My D submitted her app on October 27 using the common app. She received the email from common app saying it was submitted but has received nothing yet from the school.

My son’s email from Fordham was sent two days after he applied through the Conmon App. After this thread started, I made him search back close to when he applied and sure enough, he had missed the email. All that to say, make sure your D sifts through her email. She may have missed it. The upside was by the time we found it, well over a month later, the app was complete, even with the SAT delay from October.

Last year, my son knew well before Thanksgiving. He was even offered a financial package shortly thereafter. It was the first EA school he heard from. Fingers crossed for my daughter this year. My son went to an Engineering program elsewhere, as Fordham has no engineering school. I am hoping my daughter decides to go. It’s a wonderful school.

I applied on October 9 through the Common App but I haven’t received anything from Fordham and I checked my spam and entire inbox, what should I do?

@layla2016 Does the Common App show they downloaded your materials? There is a change from submitted to downloaded which might at least show that they have received your items. Did you get the initial confirmation from the Common App? You can look up the Admissions Counselor from your region. I would check at this point, just for your peace of mind.

@CAMidwestMom I got a confirmation email from the Common App and the Common App says submitted. So I’m guessing once it says downloaded I should get something. Thank you!

If you look at the Fordham tab and click on the Recommendations section, it should say downloaded for your counselor report and rec letters and have the date.

My D finally got her confirmation email today. It’s been a little over two weeks since she applied.

@me29034 That’s great. Sounds like they were backed up after the EA/ED deadline.

When will they notify EA applicants about their acceptance?

It says by 12/20 on their admissions page.

I received my likely letter last year from Fordham on 11/25. All other students were notified on 12/15.

@college1997 If you don’t mind me asking, what were your stats?

@emilyskates this is my post from last year in different threads! Along with my likely I also was told I received a scholarship (which I did, a great one at that).

Gender: Female

Applying to: College at Rose Hill (intended Psychology or Political Science major)

Home state: NJ

GPA: 3.8276 (unweighted)

Rank: top 7% (based upon weighted GPA)

ACT: 31 (Reading: 33, Math: 32, Science: 27, English: 32)

APs: Junior year- US History (score- 5) and English Language (score- 4)
Senior year- US Gov and Pol, Calc AB, Psychology, English Lit, and Environmental Science

EC’s: National Honor Society, peer leadership groups such as Bottlecappers and Heroes & Cool Kids (both teach middle school students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol), varsity cheerleading, cultural groups such as Gender Equality Club and Social Justice Committee, and volunteering as a junior coach for Pop Warner and in the SPUR Program at my local horse stable (aiding disabled children to ride horses to help stimulate mental and physical growth).

Awards and Honors: People to People nominee, NJ Scholars nominee (based upon academic performance), HOBY Award nominee (based on peer leadership), NJ Girls State nominee (based upon academic performance and leadership), and NJ State Elks Peer Leadership Conference representative (chosen to represent my high school at a state wide, weekend conference about leadership and community growth).

Also applied to and was accepted to: University of Rochester, Lehigh, The College of New Jersey, Boston College, Boston University, and the University of Notre Dame.

hope this helps! any questions, let me know.