Fordham EA Deferred 2025

Hey guys,

Just making a thread from those that were deferred from Fordham EA today and pushed to RD. Feel free to share any info!!


we tried our best guys! try to keep positive! deferral isn’t a no, more so a second chance!

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I’ve been seeing many people that get deferred from Fordham eventually get accepted


did anyone get rejected? I feel like so many people got deferred this year

Still a good chance of acceptance, let’s push through!

I don’t think anyone got rejected EA. Does anyone know the deal with scholarships and deferrals? Nervous I won’t get any aid

hey guys! just popping into this thread to say i was deferred last year from fordham ea but got in rd and i’m currently attending and having an awesome year : )

here are some things i did after getting deferred!

  1. get in touch w/ your admissions counselor at fordham and make sure they know that it’s one of your top choices! maybe ask some questions about the deferral process.
  2. talk to your guidance counselor at your high school and tell them you were deferred, they can possibly get in touch w/ fordham as well
  3. spend time on your deferral essay and mention specific points about fordham that interest you!

i wouldn’t worry about it too much. when i did get into fordham via regular decision, i received a decent amount of scholarships (20k) despite being deferred. they tend to defer a lot of applicants from what i have heard. good luck!


Hang in there. A large percentage of deferred get into Fordham. Merit aid and scholarships are still plentiful.
Remember, Fordham sticker shock hits many families different ways. Especially during these crazy times.
Fordham can be a safety for many ultra competitive students.

Many spots will open up.

If Fordham is your top choice, show continued interest.

Good luck


Thank you both! Feeling hopeful

If you got accepted Ea but no scholarship is there any chance you can still receive something?

@nycgirlxo yes for sure. Jan 17 the aid packages including merit will roll out

Son is a Fordham grad, accepted in Dec, generous scholarship/merit package in January

D was just accepted today, status page says Jan 17

Thank you for the info. Got accepted into LC today but some sort of aid/scholarship would nice.

thank u for sharing! would you mind listing some of your HS stats (if you remember)?

We received an email today stating Jan 17 and on into Feb they will start to roll our scholarships /aid :slight_smile:

BmacNj do you mind sharing generally what a “generous” package is. As a parent trying to figure out if we can afford

@babslb son started Fordham in 2012 when tuition and housing was $48000. He received $25k per year in merit bringing the cost cheaper then my other son who was at a NJ state school at same time.

D hasn’t received aid package yet. Probably mid January. Hoping for similar 25k

No doubt, no denying that Fordham is expensive. Hope you, I and every other parent can afford it this go around.


wow. COA went from 48K to 80K in 8 years…That’s crazy.

I know, the tuition itself went up from 52,00 to over 58,000 this year. It is crazy.

Accepted to RH!
33 ACT
9 APs
Captain of dance company
Officer in student government
Many other clubs/leadership

Have not received any word about merit/scholarship…

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sure thing! my gpa was a 3.3 unweighted and a 4.2 weighted and my SAT was a 1400. i know things are different w/ testing scores this year because of COVID though. i also think i wrote a really convincing deferral essay talking about how i would contribute to fordham & how i’d contributed to my community that year (which lines up w their whole “men and women for others” jesuit ideal haha)