fordham fall 2020 transfer

Hi everyone!

I was just accepted to Fordham Lincoln Center as a transfer student for the Fall 2020 quarter and I haven’t seen any forums for transfers yet, so I wanted to start one!

Did you get an email notifying you? I also applied to LC as a sophomore transfer :slight_smile:

@ikanemas I did! I was emailed on Friday at 5 PM PST!

I really hope I get in… I wonder when they started rolling decisions out

@ikanemas They send decisions 10-15 business days after they receive all of your materials. I’m sure you will get in!!

I am also applying to Fordham for the Fall 2020 semester at Lincoln center, but my chances are pretty weak due to one really poor semester. I’m trying to come in as a junior. Anybody want to post their stats?

What kind of gpa are you transferring in with?what do you think made ur application stand out?

@med7389 I’m also transferring in as a junior from an OOS CC. I applied when I was a senior in high school and was denied because my high school grades weren’t great (3.1 GPA). My first quarter in college I had a pretty weak GPA, but I reflected that in my essay (I just talked about how it was difficult to adjust and I didn’t have any sort of direction on what I wanted to do with my life) and I now have a 3.72 cumulative GPA so I think it stood out that I had a strong upward curve?? I didn’t submit any test scores. I talked a lot about what I want to study and how I want to excel at Fordham, so that might have been a good addition? I’m not sure!!

Yeah once you’re a sophomore in college they don’t ask for SAT scores because you’re already pretty deep into your college career. I explained to them that I was interested in attending fordham but I had a very weak gpa and they advised me to complete a years worth of coursework above a 3.0 to raise my chances which I have managed to do so far. The only thing that would deter me from ultimately attending would probably be the cost of attendance, but I would be pretty sent on going altogether!

@med7389 it’s really good that you talked to them because that shows that you’re interested in the school and that’s what they want!!! I’m sure you will get in :slight_smile:

Yeah I really hope so because it honestly would be a great way of turning my life around. Wasn’t a good student in high school until senior year when I realized I wasn’t going to get anywhere putting in no effort. What’s your major btw I’m a psychology major :slight_smile:

@med7389 I’m psychology too! And I’m the exact same way. Better late than never!!

What made you choose Lincoln center over rose hill? I switched my application for LC last minute because I like the real city vibes of manhattan rather than the Bronx despite rose hill have more of a college feel.

@med7389 yeah i love manhattan and i love the opportunities that the city has. i also don’t like the typical college campus atmosphere, i like being out and about and doing my own thing haha

yeah I agree that manhattan does have a lot of opportunities and a lot of it fordham has connections to. I am also from New Jersey but I live pretty close by that I can commute rather than stick around

@med7389 omg! i’ve only been two new york twice and i love it. i’m from Seattle!

you’ll love it. Seattle is a major city but New York just has something to it just a lot of power and knowing that you can run into famous people at any time. You have Times Square, Central Park, metropolitan opera house nearby which gives everyone something to do at all times of the year

it’s almost been 20 days… I haven’t heard back yet. I hope I get a decision soon because other schools will require me to commit on the 1st of next month.

I was just accepted to Fordham Lincoln center last week! Is there any transfer facebook page or group chat?

@waytoonervous omg I love your username hahah i haven’t seen any groups made for Fordham transfers though :frowning: