Fordham Fall 2021 Transfer

Hey everyone!! I haven’t seen any forums for Fall 2021 transfers, so I decided to make one! I am almost positive that I will be transferring to the Lincoln Center campus (just waiting to hear back from financial aid lol…) as a junior for the upcoming fall semester. If anyone is an admitted/prospective transfer student, I’d love to connect with you because it would definitely be nice to know some people before school starts! :))

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hey! i applied for marketing at rose hill (although I wish i could do business at Lincoln center.) still waiting to hear back. they said 10-15 business days. hopefully i get it by tomorrow but the lastest day i should get it is tuesday!

Hello! I am applying today to transfer as a junior to Fordham’s Rose Hill campus to study Economics. I wish everyone best of luck!

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you too!

Got in today @8:10 !
business at rose hill
12 business days after they got all my stuff

first year transfer but I have 60+ credits
3.82gpa (probs 3.6 recalculated bc i retook a class)

currently in Student gov. and have an internship. but also listed hs work experience, volunteering, and theatre.

good luck everyone!

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accepted today at 8:09 PM with the dean’s scholarship!

good luck guys!