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Hi! My daughter recently auditioned at Fordham University and really enjoyed her experience- more than I wanted her to, given that Fordham is a competitive academic school and very expensive. Would any merit money come from her audition? I was informed that the theatre department has a say on her admission. Fordham Lincoln Center is beautiful and has a wonderful theatre program, but I have to think practically in terms of money.

Post your question on the theater-drama majors board–you’ll most likely find folks there who can answer your questions.

For most auditioned BFA programs, the process involves getting admitted to the university and getting accepted into the acting/theater program.

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This is what I found on their scholarship page:

Fordham Theatre Scholarship

The Fordham Theatre Scholarship is awarded to students based on both talent and financial need. All entering freshmen candidates for admission who are theatre majors are considered for the scholarship.

If the student meets the academic and talent criteria, the theatre scholarship can range from $7,000 to full tuition minus any other tuition specific aid for courses taken as a traditional undergraduate student at Fordham.

To renew the award, students must annually complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and maintain full-time status, satisfactory academic progress, a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and compliance with the University’s policies and Code of Conduct. The student must also continue to be a theatre major.

My son is a current Freshman at Fordham Performance track. I can’t begin to tell you what a fabulous program they have! It was absolutely the right choice for my son. He had lots of great choices and a few full rides, but despite the high price tag at Fordham, we are making it work. My son did receive both academic and talent scholarships that cut cost (tuition + housing) in half. Still a steep price, but the benefits are proving to be worth it. Where else will you have professors that are currently working on Broadway or Off Broadway, are Tony nominees or Tony winners, teach acting both at Fordham and Julliard, and have professors in regular classes that also teach at Columbia and NYU? The quality is outstanding and the perks of being in the city can’t be beat. The exposure to the arts is everywhere and the students get to experience it first hand. Did I mention that my son also has met Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jake Gyllenhall in the few short months he’s been at Fordham? It’s not like he had a full on conversation with them, he met them in passing, but what other school can give you that?


Thank you for the detailed description of Fordham! It sounds like an exciting program!

@anastasiasmom Let me know if you or your daughter have any questions specific to Fordham LC. Between my son any myself we might can help. It really is a fabulous program! Good luck to your daughter.

@collegeadmiss I appreciated reading your information about Fordham. Would you mind sharing any info, if you know it, about your son’s audition experience or what type of questions they might ask in the audition? My daughter will be auditioning at Chicago Unified. Thanks.

My daughter had a wonderful experience auditioning on-campus. The professors briefly asked her about her monologue choice, but they did not extensively interview her. She also received a full tour of the campus and was able to talk with current students about student life.

heard Fordham theatre decisions are going out today. DD website says neither yes or no.

dd just got email: As we finalize our admission decisions, we ask that you make sure you are ready to access your decision online. We are planning to make your admission decision available on your Online Applicant Portal in the afternoon of March 13th.

According to our records, you have activated and accessed your portal account. Thank you.

Please make sure you access your decision through the Online Applicant Portal when we send you the notification email on March 13th.

Given that I am seeing people with yesses…will the 3/13 update just be for a no or waitlist? Asking for a frend…

@CBSQandA ditto instead of that email, if a no, go ahead and tell us

have you heard of any more yeses beyond that initial few?

I have not heard of any more yesses and I have confirmed that at least one was an early action yes…I am wondering if anyone knows the size of the acting cohort?

My D personally knows two students who received yeses – a boy and a girl. Neither were early action. HTH! :slight_smile:

I received an email from Fordham theatre rejecting my transfer theatre application yesterday. Hoping for the best to those who are still waiting for an admissions decision!

Our 3/13 portal check resulted in a no…wondering if the writing was on the wall when we didn’t get that original email last weeks despite what admissions told @yourmama99! Anyway…on to the next one.

@collegeadmiss thanks for your post above. I’d love to find out more from you and your son about the program, but I’m new to CC so I am not able to send you a private message.

Has anyone not heard from Fordham yet? I am a transfer student and it still says my audition results have not been received, everything else in my application checklist is green