Foreign Language Requirement in college

I’ve been having trouble finding the foreign language gen ed requirement for certain colleges. I would rather not take any Spanish classes in college and I won’t pass any exams to test out of it. Does anyone knows colleges without requirements or ones with loopholes? Purdue allows you to fulfill it with cultural classes instead! Here are some colleges I applied to for reference:
Baylor University, yes
University of Dayton, yes
DePauw University
Saint Louis University, yes
Lake Forest College, no
Butler University
Florida Southern College
Xavier University, yes
Illinois Wesleyan University, yes
University of Tampa, yes
Marquette University P, no
Elmhurst University , no
Purdue University , basically no
University of Illinois yes
University of Alabama
Miami University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Rhodes College, yes
Denison University , yes
Washington University St. Louis
Tulane University, yes
University of Miami, no
Northwestern University , yes
Florida State University
Texas Christian University

Thanks in advance and please don’t reply with “but learning a second language is important” or “you should’ve taken four years in high school so you wouldn’t be in this position”

Not for this issue specifically, but when I was trying to find graduation requirements for multiple colleges, it was more difficult that I expected. College menus are not as intuitive as you would expect.

But if you Google “Florida State Universtity graduation requirements” it takes you right to the page you need. FYI #7 on the list gives the requirement, which is there but pretty easy to satisfy unless you managed to avoid FL in HS too.


Thank you! Glad someone understands the struggle

Some colleges may have requirements by division – e.g. foreign language required in the arts and sciences division, but not in the engineering division.

Of course, where there are foreign language general education requirements, the level needed can vary considerably across colleges.


Yes, this may be very school/major dependant.

Purdue has the three course sequence requirement you refer to, with non-foreign language alternatives, in the School of Science.

Engineering has only the single course World/Culture elective that is University-wide. (My D took a Philosophy class - Global Moral Issues).

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Example: University of Alabama

Non-engineering: second semester or higher level foreign language course or six credits in computing courses.

Engineering: six credits in foreign language or computing.

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Example: Miami University (Ohio)

Arts and Sciences: second semester or higher level foreign language course or exam credit (e.g. AP, CLEP, IB) The College of Arts and Science < Miami University

Other divisions: no apparent foreign language requirement, but check all of the web pages carefully.

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Thank you so much! I love that Alabama counts code as a language because it kinda is haha

More strategies for students that struggle with foreign language classes:

Many schools will count ASL (American Sign Language) as foreign language credit.

Schools may also award credit during placement testing. A good score may provide enough credits to fulfill the requirements.

Study abroad programs may have an immersive language component that allows the student to fulfill the requirement.

Some schools will allow you to transfer foreign language credits in from another school, thereby avoiding dings to gpa.


@avaw21 at U Dayton it is dependent on your major. Engineering and Business School majors are not required to take a foreign language. Many other majors require a foreign language.

To find out the requirements of your intended major check the “Major Requirements” section of the “Sample Plan Of Study” for that major on UD’s website.


At penn state it’s dependent on how much you had in Hs: if you had 3 years, you must take 2 further semesters, if you had 4 years you must take 1 semester. You can also disregard what you took in HS and take an intensive sequence that covers the whole requirement in one year. Beyond that, a further foreign language class (culture and communication) is one among three choices for distribution requirements, you can take that or a further literature or film or art course, whichever interests you most. Students who had AP in HS often choose th one semester “culture&communication” option whereas students who already took 2 semesters take the other choices.

Tufts requires 6 semesters in various combinations.