Foreign Language requirement?

<p>Hi. I came to the states in September 2001 and was enrolled in my HS as a freshman. At the time, my counselor told me that I would NOT have to take any foreign language class because English would be considered as my 2nd language. I was in ESL in my freshman year.</p>

<p>I confirmed with the UC office that they do exempt me for the forieng language requirement IF I take the SAT 2 Korean exam. But how do other colloeges do this? Do they also exempt me from the language requirements as well? I took the SAT II Korean this month and am taking TOEFL pretty soon.</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>I'm kinda in the same situation as well. I didn't know there was a foreign language requirement so as a compulsary requirement at my highschool, I took 1/2 year French, 1/2 year Japanese in Year 9. So, I have only 1/2 year of a language, not even close to the full 2-3 years some colleges require.
So I was going to take the SATII Korean exam but some colleges told me that it would not be wise because it still shows the lack of my ability in foreign languages considering that I am of Korean ethnicity and that I speak Korean at times. They said it wouldn't matter whether or not I take the SATII Korean and ace it at 800, because they would know from my application that I'm Korean and living in an english speaking country which allows me to be billingual. I don't think they would take my SAT II korean as a supplement as a foreign language.
They said TOEFL would be the only language requirement. (and 4-5 years English, 3-5 years Maths at school.)</p>

<p>SO now, my plan now: is to take SAT II French exam. I only know the basic, and not fluent at all but I have 2 more years to learn it from a private school won't let me take French as a curriculm because I didn't take it in year 10. </p>

<p>But nevertheless, some schools do not have a foreign language REQUIREMENT and most top schools regard foreign language as a recommended course to take for 2-3 years.
But then I guess these 'recommended' courses are nearly required since most applicants do take a foreign language.</p>

<p>I think in your situation, it won't hurt by sending in your SAT II Korean as supplement to your foreign language requirement but I don't think it will cover the WHOLE language requirement.
Good LUck!</p>

<p>But wouldn't they consider the fact that I came to the states 3 years ago? I mean I was in English as Second Language in my freshman year. Ahh...</p>

<p>Well I guess coming from a foreign country 3 years ago kinda exempts you..
Yeah it makes sense actually - if you didn't know ANY english at all, it makes sense.
Learning 2 foreign languages that you are very unfamiliar with would be quite tricky and I'm sure they'd understand that.</p>