Formula for determining "Iowa Scholars Award" merit scholarship amount?

Does anyone have an idea on what combination of ACT score and GPA lead to certain amounts within the $500-$8,500 a year range that Iowa lists for this in-state scholarship? DD received full $8500 with 34 ACT and 4.0 GPA. DS is applying to UI now with 30 ACT and 4.0 GPA. He’s likely taking the ACT again in October. Thanks!

DS OOS merit was lower than expected according to the chart. We did test optional, so the only thing I can think of is that they are waiting on official transcripts to update the class credits.

Hope her award gets upped when they receive transcripts! Where did you see a chart of expected award? I haven’t found anything like that. Thanks!

For some reason it’s tricky to get to on the website and I always have a hard time finding it.
Hopefully, this will work. If not, type “freshman auto merit awards” in the search box.

Thanks, he’s looking at Iowa State too. I was actually curious about U of Iowa. Go Cyclones, though!

For anyone interested, I heard from UI that they have traditionally awarded about $5,000/year to an in-state student with a 4.0 GPA and 30 ACT.

My son is international, GPA 3.7 UW SAT 1390, he received 10k/year.

And that’s exactly what he was offered. Not just need to figure out if he should retake the ACT to try to get a bigger scholarship