“Forum” has been replaced by “Community”

@CCAdminMike is this supposed to happen? It actually took me a minute to realize that I had to click on Community to get to the forum home page.
Is this a permanent change?

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This is a permanent change - apologies for not giving a heads up. We want the header to really describe the heart of CC - a community of people who help each other through college admissions (among other things).


It took me a bit to figure it out. Maybe a banner at the top of the forum pages letting folks know…

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The “community” has been really glitchy today. When I open a thread it doesn’t take me to my last read post but lands several posts before. When I get down to the red line that says “last visit” it jumps back up to the top again.

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I was confused too, until I saw this thread. The change is fine, but I do think a banner up top for a few days would be good, and CC could explain the purpose of the change, which is noble.