Fourth year of Language vs AP Physics C Senior Year vs Chemistry

I am taking honors physics right now. Many of my high school activities are centered around physics (Olympiads, research, astronomy/astrophysics). Right now, I only have two slots left for the courses in my Senior year(Honors Chemistry and Honors Chinese). I have never taken Chemistry, and I have 3 years of Chinese. Ideally, I would take Physics and Chinese, but what would be the best decision as far as college admissions go?

Also, I forgot to mention, but I want to apply to more competitive colleges (<15% acceptance rate).

The rest of your schedule? Math courses taken and will take? Level of Chinese completed?

Sorry, I probably should have mentioned those earlier.
I took every math course from Algebra 1 to AP Calc AB(Which I am in right now as a junior).
Next year I will take AP Calculus BC.
I have taken Chinese 1 & 2, right now I’m in Chinese 3, and next year I would take Chinese 4. All Chinese courses are honors(I’m not sure if that means anything though).

Is there any reason that you cannot take all of chemistry, physics C, and Chinese 4?

I can only take seven classes, and I have to take a certain number of classes in each subject to graduate. 4 years of an English class, theology class(I go to a catholic school), math class and history class. Along with these, I have to take an art-related elective next year. This leaves two spots for three classes.

Could you take a chemistry class at a community (or local 4-year) college over the summer? If so, I’d suggest doing that and taking AP Physics C and Chinese 4 during the school year.

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Do those cost money? Because I wouldn’t really be able to pay for one. They offer a summer chemistry class at my school as well, but it is ridiculously expensive.

Chemistry and Chinese


Yes, they usually do cost money, though community colleges are relatively inexpensive.

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I agree with ski. If you can’t take chem in the summer (Is there possibly financial aid available?), you have to take it senior year. It’s important to have bio, chem and physics in HS.

Okay thanks! I’ll try to find a chemistry class at a CC.

Thanks for the advice!

For elite colleges, should take a course from each core subject each year throughout high school. The five core subjects are:
Soc Studies

I disagree that Level 5 of a foreign language is expect Senior year, just to have it every year in high school. My D21 won’t be taking it - I’m not aware of any schools where four foreign language years isn’t sufficient.

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If you’re applying stem to a college like MIT or Cal Tech, less than 15% acceptance rates, AP Physics is more important than Chinese, like way more important. And if you haven’t taken Chemistry, again if you’re stem, you have to take it. If you’re non-stem, you should take Chinese and Honors Chem, again you need Chem, regardless of major if you’re applying to a <15% acceptance rate college.