Foyle Young Poets of the Year- 2021

Hey fellow writers,
This is the thread for 2021’s Foyles Young Poets of the years award. Good luck to all entering!!

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Thanks for posting. I will tell my 17 yr old about this contest. I don’t think it’s on her radar.

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any tips for applying because I know certain writing contests favor certain styles.

Maybe look at past years’ winning poems- they publish them on their website.

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I’ve read in past threads that they tend to prefer narrative-driven work rather than groupings of aesthetically-pleasing jargon. Maybe try picking something you’ve written that focuses around a personal story or a social issue that you’re passionate about so the narrative is made stronger by your passion around the subject (for example, one of my pieces focuses around mental health awareness) and just form the language around that core. Focus on quality of pieces rather than quantity. I’d definitely take a look at past work as tk0424 suggested as well. Good luck!

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Any feedback from anyone?

Did anyone get an email with their results?

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It said they would notify everyone on the 1st.

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I think only the winners get notified, so hopefully they arent done notifying yet

Yeah hopefully. i havent gotten anything either

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Has anyone participated in years prior? Does Foyle notify in waves or all in one day

Anyone have any updates?

I emailed Foyle and they said everyone would be notified about the status of their entries by September 9th. I don’t know if that means they’re delaying the notification of winners or just the people who didn’t place.

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okay, thanks for the update.

if you dont mind me asking, have you been notified of anything?

anyone have any new updates?

emailed foyle and they said results will be out on sept. 9th! best of luck :slight_smile:

Did they mean all results would be out then or only winners/everyone else?

Does that mean nobody got an email with results yet?

I think so.