Franklin and Marshall ( F&M) waitlist 2025

Hey everyone. I didn’t find any thread for F&M waitlist 2025, so I started one. A few weeks earlier, I had emailed the Admission Office and they said that they’ll have an active WL this year. I was wondering if anyone got off or if anyone has any further news.

OT a bit, but I have a long-sleeved F&M soft t-shirt (size medium - very unstructured/comfy) that was barely worn. If anyone wants it, just DM me your address and I’ll send it out to you!

I was just admitted off the waitlist on 5/28, so it is definitely moving for anyone wondering. This also happened like 3 days after I emailed them expressing interest–it wasn’t even a proper LOCI–so it’s not too late to express interest in them.