Fraternity/Sorority Question

<p>Does anyone know, as a general rule, what Fraternities & Sororities are teamed up together as brothers/sisters?</p>

<p>mmm i just know for sure that it is against what Zeta was founded on to have a "brother" fraternity.</p>

<p>most sororities and fraternities at UT do not have a "grouping" every frat and sorority is free to mix with each other, there's no set structure to the mixing. however, some do tend to mix more often than others, but that isn't because of some national thing.</p>

<p>White frats mix with white sororities is the biggest trend I see (IE. ZTA, ZBT, ADPi, DG, SigEp, etc all mix together and they tend to not associate with the Asian or Hispanic or African American Frats/Sororities like OPG, KPG, DPO,etc.)</p>

<p>What an awesome system!</p>

<p>Is there any underlying reason that they don't associate with any of the race-oriented sororities?</p>



<p>@sasha- Who know. I think the whole "race card" is stupid and many students , despite getting an education for a top tier public university, fail to read and see past color/ethnicity.</p>

<p>@Sasha-the reason isn't as cut and dry as TXhorn puts it... most IFC ("white") frats feel that they don't have as much in common with the multicultural fraternities/sororities and it would make mixing very awkward. Multicultural greeks aren't even in the same council as the "white" ones and thus have extremely different ways of doing things, like IFC frats don't do club parties at all, but rather have houses where they host their events, the multicultural greeks generally don't have houses to host events and rent out clubs in order to host events, something generally taboo in the IFC (i'm pretty sure its against the IFC constitution actually).
It's nothing to do with superiority, but rather not having much in common other than going to UT. And to say that this is reason enough to have a mixer is the same as saying the Campus Christians should host something with the Atheist Longhorns, they don't anything in common other than being UT students, do you expect them to co-host anything other than a theology debate?</p>

<p>I'd like to argue about a point mkose1 made- if your stating that multicultural greeks don't have houses your ABSOLUTELY wrong! OPG, BKG,BXO, DEP, etc. all have houses in West Campus just like Caucasian frats.. and who says they don't have anything in common? Their ALL part of the Greek culture despite different councils. Also your example of CC and AL mixing has no similarity to mixing of Greek organizations - Greek Organizations aren't polar opposites (We see Asians have mixers with the South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, etc.) community). Go research info before you post something</p>

<p>Did i say they all don't have houses? no...what I said was, as a general rule, they don't, some do have houses, but most do not.
And despite your claim that all greeks are a part of the same greek culture, the fact is that they aren't. Each organization is founded on slightly different principles, however beyond that the personalities of each is very different.
Multicultural organizations tend to have more public displays, like step shows or open invite club parties, this doesn't happen with UPC or IFC. IFC frats tend to host their parties at their houses. UPC sororities don't have parties generally but maybe "crush nights", once in a long while, where they have a guest list at a club downtown, also the only time a public invitation is sent out from a UPC house is when they host a philanthropy event involving food or something of the sort, generally during round-up. Also the style of most IFC fraternities can be described as "fratty" generally a polo shirt, khaki shorts, and sperrys, things to that effect, something that usually doesn't happen with the multicultural GLOs. And don't tell me that people should get over personal style and get to know people, because everybody judges other people based on personal style, would you feel safe around a drag rat at 2am? Would you feel like you had much in common with someone if they dressed like a rapper and you dressed more like a rocker? Basic human psychology tells us that we don't associate with people who aren't similar to us in some way. This is an example of just that.</p>

<p>I wear polo shirts, have a pair of polo khaki shorts, and 2 pairs of sperrys, and I'm not white, even though I played baseball and mostly hung out with white kids in high school, but I still don't see frats giving me a chance because I'm not white, but who knows, I might be wrong.</p>

<p>Azim13 I think I might know who you are... are you in BME? and your might be right. The only frat in the IFC that might take you is ACACIA.</p>

<p>Mkose1, your stereotype comments and distaste for culture is running astray from your point. Its values that should be looked at when picking friends, not the cloths you wear or ethnicity. Lol @ "Basic human psychology." I'm sorry to say, but you don't know anything about diversity and cultural pluralism, yet alone human psychology. I don't know much about these fraternities and sororities, but I sure hope they are not segregating themselves based on the examples listed here.</p>

<p>"but you don't know anything about diversity"</p>

<p>If you knew mkose1, you might read his post a bit differently. I think his words just came off wrong.</p>

<p>Nahhh I don't go to UT, I was trying to transfer into mccombs but failed, so I'll probably go to TCU, a very greek school, so I'll try my shot at pledging there. It still sucks how I need a fraternity to "take me" like I'm a loser or something just because I'm not white, but I guess that's how it goes.</p>

<p>DenuMX- you're dead wrong actually, like Why Two Kay says, I know plenty about multiculturalism and diversity. But I also know that despite what people like to think, appearances count for A LOT. Are there going to be people who are comfortable mixing with many different types of people? Yes, I happen to be one of them, but a lot of the time people tend to associate with those that have a lot more in common with themselves rather than branching out of their comfort zone.
It's evolutionary psychology, people evolved to have cohesion within their tribes because to go out of that security meant death, literally, fastforward 200,000 years and you have people forming "neo-tribes" with people they have a lot in common with, be it socio-economic status, race, personal style, all of the above, etc.</p>

<p>If I wear 4 pairs of retainers on my sunglasses will I be accepted?</p>

<p>Wow. I wasn't offended or anything. I'm actually blonde and green eyed -- but I'm half Hispanic so I was thinking about joining up w/ one of those academic sororities. Whatever its called.</p>

<p>If there are different sort of cliques with sororities/frats, I wouldn't be surprised. I just was wondering...</p>

<p>There's plenty of clubs or so I've heard..</p>