Frats at UVA

<p>So I'm a rising first year and I'm thinking of pleding. I don't really know anything about the frats at UVA, are there any that I should probably avoid as a Yankee? (My sister went to another school in the South where they flat out said they didn't take girls from New England in their sorority). </p>

<p>Is there actually hazing? Any frats have a really bad reputation? Sorry this is wicked general.</p>

<p>There are oodles of threads about Greek orgs. </p>

<p>Honestly, go through the process and decide for yourself if the orgs feel right for you. If you wind up not going through with the entire process, you'll probably have a slew of new friends as a result. :)</p>

<p>Rush isn't until spring, so you have time to settle in, figure out the social scene for yourself, and decide whether you want to do it.</p>

<p>Haha wow haven't heard the term "oodles" since the 90s, I hope it's making a come back.</p>

<p>Thanks Dean J and jingle, I think I'm just gunna go for it and find out on my own like you said. The worst that can happen is I have a good time and make a set of new friends and don't join a fraternity.</p>