Freaking out! I think all colleges will reject me

So, I was hoping to get at least 2100 in my Jan SAT (last chance for me). I was confident that I was going to get at least 2050+ and hence focused 100% into US admissions neglecting any backup plans.

I just got my SAT scores and found out that I only got 1920. I am so screwed. I’ve applied to 21 colleges, from the top to the bottom. I need full-aid financial aid (cannot pay more than $3000). I rank in the top 6% of my school. I have international recognision awards and have come on TV. But one of the colleges will see this because of course, the adcoms don’t look over all the applications. The clerks who don’t care will just weed out and throw the applications straight to the dustbin which have a shitty SAT like I do.

Im just so freaked out because I know that I have a 0.000001% chance of getting admitted.

If I’m rejected, I’ll let my parents down. I’ll let all the money spent on AP tests, application fees, SAT fees etc. ($1000) go to waste. I’ll let MYSELF down. I’ll have no face to show to my friends. My friends to whom I told I was applying abroad. They all will see me as a failure. Imagine how much I’ll let down my mentors who put in days and days of their precious time to edit my college essays and sacrificed their work for me. I have no option in my home country as I didn’t give JEE. I have only one option… to study BSC in an Indian college and hate my life while at it. I’ll probably drop out.

Should I stop freaking out or should I continue?

What colleges did you apply to?

What do you mean by “full financial aid”? Do you mean meeting all need above your family’s EFC? Or do you expect your parents and you to pay zero? Have you run net price calculators for all of the colleges you applied to?

Have you considered looking at community colleges in the US, which are much cheaper? You should try to find one that has guaranteed acceptance to a four-year college.

@rhandco my family is very poor. My parents are unemployed and cannot pay anything for college. The net calculators say that if accepted, the college will cover all the cost.

Haven’t thought about community college. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll give it some thought.

You should stop freaking out because it won’t help anything and it makes everything worse. There are many, many, many people who go on to lead happy and productive lives without ever stepping foot on the campus of a top US college. There are also many people who did get that chance and ended up miserable because they were doing it for the wrong reasons.

My advice is to build a relationship with your adcom at the colleges you are interested in and get noticed by them. And it doesn’t work exactly like you say at every school. A person I know who is the roommate of an adcom at a well-known Boston area college told me her roommate doesn’t read the apps of those who need significant financial aid unless she can’t find enough people from the paying pile. This is sad but true.

If your “friends” will see you as a “failure” because of your SAT scores, well, what kind of friends are those? Seriously? You are way too hard on yourself and it isn’t healthy.

A very poor person who is a US citizen must have very high grades to get into a school that will be zero pay for the parents. A very poor person in the US would not have the money for SAT tests, AP tests, and 21 college application fees.

Again, which colleges you applied to matters. If the 21 colleges you applied to include all Ivies, Stanford, and MIT, I can tell you that with a 1920, you’d have next to zero chance to get in. But with a 2050, you’d have only a tiny bit higher chance - most of those schools are looking for 2200+ on SATs.

Look up the average SAT scores at each college, if you don’t want to reveal where you applied. And you can use CC or other free college search engines to find schools that have SAT and GPA scores in your range.

As for losing face and so on, I agree 100% with post #3. What kind of friends do you have who would mock you? Those are not real friends. I have one son who is very very bright in math but he is looking at a trade school to become a chef. It is no shame to get a job that does not require college.

  1. Your friends are not real friends if they mock you. They are just jerks.
  2. Can you please list your GPA and other things too before freaking out?

It is not the end of the world if you don’t get into some US universities; you’ll get into some, but that doesn’t mean they will give you full rides. You are facing what thousands of US kids face daily: the universities won’t pay their way either and most students here use a combination of loans, work and savings to go to school. So here are some things to consider:

  1. Did you apply to colleges that were affordable and would meet your need? Or, did you only apply to the ivies or schools that were ridiculously expensive?
  2. Why is going to a university in India so tragic? It is an education and it is in your home country, or was your need to come to the US based on immigration and economics only? It is very difficult to immigrate permanently here.
  3. Did anyone not advise you about the possibility that you would not only NOT get admitted into US colleges ,but that the financial aid might not cover your expenses? That does happen often with US citizens as well as internationals.

@"aunt bea"‌

  1. I had created a spreadsheet of countless colleges and narrowed them down according to the amount of money they give to international students. My list includes 3 ivy leagues, 15 top LACs, 3 very low tier college (with really low average SAT scores) like Berea college and Bennington College.
  1. It is tragic because an engineering college in India requires the entrance exam JEE and I didn't prepare for JEE because all my time was eaten up by the SAT, AP , college essays etc. I can only study Bachelor of Science. The syllabus includes 80% of the things I don't care about.
  2. No one is here to advise me. But I knew, back in my mind, that there is a VERY high chance that I will be rejected. But if I had listened to that voice in the back of my head, the relentless motivation that got me throw the tedious US college admission procedure would have not been there. I had to put that blind faith in myself, only then it made sense to put in that work.

@redpoodles‌ That’s very sad considering the time and work that goes into each application.

@paul2752‌ I know that my real friends won’t mock me. But I will be ashamed of MYSELF.

Regarding your question about my GPA and other things:
I’ve developed apps that have reached the top charts on Google Play (but free app so I didn’t earn money). Worked at a fortune 100 MNC for a year. Didn’t earn an enormous amount of money because it was like an internship and I was very young. Created innovative solution aimed at reducing obesity, appeared on numerous magazines and TV channels. I’ve 8.8 CGPA in 10th? 72% in 11th and 85% in 12th midyear.

You still have time, I think, to apply to UWaterloo and Canadian universities.
In addition, you can take a gap year if all fails.

Good colleges have good adcoms. These really do use holistic admissions. Your application will be read, top to bottom, once. The objective data will go onto a little summary card. Then the subjective data will come in, the officer will write notes on that. Then s/he’ll exchange your file with another person, called “secondary reader”, who’ll go through the application too. All students who make it through go through table reading. Then there’s a discussion. There may be an additional read. Then the Dean of Admissions decides the last cases. So, yes, your entire application will be read, and read, and read.

@MYOS1634‌ Good to know at least someone will read my application.

May I ask why you specifically suggested UWaterloo? I did not apply to Canadian Colleges because they do not provide aid to internationals.

The following link will bring you to a list of colleges with late application deadlines. These are good schools, but most of them have very reasonable admissions requirements. If you’re nervous, you still have time to apply to a backup!


Your list is referred to US applicants, but for international who require FULL RIDE the application dates is basically over. with SAT 1950, there is not a chance to get a FULL RIDE at such a late date, not Berea, not Howard, not Alabama, they won’t take in a SAT 1950 and give a FULL RIDE anyway.

I think a community college is even worse, because they will not give a cent to internationals.

There IS a way, but only if the OP is an internatinoally achieved student. I saw one before

Aside from the most super-selective colleges, 1920 SATI will not keep you out. I don’t know how to evaluate your GPA on a 4.0 scale, but that and your essays, EC and life experience will also play a big part in admissions.

If you have chosen schools that guarantee to meet demonstrated need (and you can demonstrate need) then the chance that you’ll have some funded acceptances is good. If you have chosen schools that do not guarantee to meet full need, then it’s unpredictable.

At this point you just have to exhale and wait it out like everyone else. In the meantime, think about a back up plan. Taking a gap year may work, but there’s little point in re-applying to the same colleges unless something dramatically changes.

You could have retaken SATs before applying to those “21” universities.
I hope u get into one. but god forbid, if nothing happens then think what you need in your life. If you are sure that u’d be able to get a good score if u get ONE more chance then drop a year and make this thing clear to everyone. drop a year and work hard. I am sure u’d be successful.
but if you cannot stand the rejection or ur friends’ behaviour then get into any college in india and try for a master’s degree.
Don’t pay heed to what others say. If you want to study in the US, never let your hopes down.

take care (: