French Bac

<p>Is anyone attending McGill after having obtained a French Bac? How has that affected your class scheduling? How many credits do you need to get out and how many credits were you granted going in? Or is that not how it works when you enter a 3-yr program? Also, should you want to, is it possible to stay for the full 4 years?</p>

<p>update please</p>

<p>well, my friend down the hall did the french bac, so i guess i will answer for him as he's the type who'd rather die than post on such a forum...
he's in science and he got the maximum of 30 credits coming in, he's majoring in chemistry so he's now on a 14 credits course load (4 classes, 2 4 credit ones and 2 3 credit ones) and well he hopes to graduate early. He needs 90 credits to get a Bachelor of Science. And you can stay for four years, they just will start to harass you if you're not done by those 8 terms. Basically, you can stretch out your requirements and/or take electives. But you can even stay longer, with special permission and if you show signs of completing in the near future. However when you reach the 90 credit ceiling, your academic advisor will harass you about applying to graduate. Haha, you do what you want basically but they just set guidelines you should adhere to but can manage your way around, if you advisor likes you.</p>

<p>In management, u get 27 credits for the french Bacc..and u have to take this really hard math course MATH is a *****..
however ur given the option of only taking only 24 credits but taking 2 math courses MATH 130 and 131, these are a lot easier...and most of my friends have opted for this option</p>

<p>MATH 130 and 131 are A LOT easier than MATH 133, which you will have to take with French Bacc. With IB on the other hand, you only have to take MATH 141, which is also hard as hell, assuming that you took HL Math. However, I have a friend in Management who did French Bacc and I believe she got the full 30 credits. As long as you've met the requirements for your degree, you get your diploma, so if you keep taking credits you're basically paying to take courses for fun. If you're getting scholarships or grants, you may not want to take less than 3 courses a semester, otherwise you can drag it out, I suppose. I don't know they include the courses into your GPA even after you've met all the requirements though. I did IB and I plan to graduate in 3 years. It's really not that bad, although the transition right into second year isn't easy.</p>

<p>u only get out if MATH 130 and 131 if u did Math HL in the IB...
and to be honest, Math 130 isnt that easy...for the linear algebra most of our webwork questions were taken directly from Math 133 and for calculus..our questiosns are exactly are the same as MATH 140..I know because my neighbour did the exact same questions a week ago for his class</p>

<p>and unless ur canadian its hard to strech ur program out for 4 years..since u have to be a full time student to stay in canada (u have to have 25-27 credits min. each year)</p>

<p>I really appreciate your answers, but I'm still a little confused. For example Math HL? I was wondering about prolonging because I'm not sure yet what I want to focus/specialize in yet and would like to be able to explore different areas. Also thought I might like to spend some time abroad and figured that might set me back too.
Also tell me more about the transition into second year. Thanks</p>

<p>ignore the Math HL thing and the IB thing..</p>

<p>at mcgill u have to do 51 core credits for management...which means u will be exposed to the different areas of business in ur first 2 years...but if u want exposure in other areas such as arts and sciences..u have to take those courses ur electives...</p>

<p>i perosnally think the transistion to 2nd year is quite difficult...especailly when it comes to getting good grades...
u are in competation with people are 1 or 2 years older than u..most will have been at mcgill for a year already...otherwise they will be from the CEGEP program in quebec...
eitherway they are older and more experienced...i am finding it quite difficult compared to people who are in first year..they are having a pretty easy time in intro courses..</p>