Freshman Housing

<p>This may be a moot point, as housing policy states that you cannot request a particular dorm (although some students in old threads said they dropped hints or whatever about their preferences). In looking at Barclay, can anyone give feedback on how the three connected singles function as far as privacy? There are two singles flanking the middle single, and it appears you have to go through the middle single to get to the other two. Doesn't that impinge on the privacy of the person in the middle single? For example, if the middle occupant was entertaining a guest of the opposite sex, wouldn't that be a bit awkward? Thanks.</p>

<p>You can try the Haverford Class of 2013 group on Facebook. We have plenty of upperclassmen answers such questions for us frosh.</p>

<p>Thanks...will check it out</p>

<p>Casey. You’d think there would be issues but, for some reason, within a few months, the majority of students if asked swear by their custom’s group regardless of location. I was an upper class advisor in Barclay and none of the frosh seemed to notice. I think students just adapt and make accommodations for each other. The cool thing about the middle room is that it is much larger than the side rooms and, as it’s in the middle, the person living in it can use it as a lounge space to entertain friends while the side rooms, being so small, make it more of a challenge. Also, students can also discuss with each other switching rooms at mid year (middle to side room) and there’s also a mid-year room draw as well if you want to move dorms.</p>

<p>Thanks, HC Alum</p>