Freshman merit aid?

We live in PA and my D20 is considering UNC Charlotte. From what I can tell on their website, there is not much merit aid. Is that correct? She has decent stats, but not high enough to be a Levine Scholar (her stats are 1350 SAT, 31 ACT, 4.6 weighted GPA, 3.8 unweighted). I know here in PA there’s basically no chance of merit money at Penn State. Just trying to see if UNC Charlotte is pretty much the same.

So, assuming she gets accepted, shall we assume she’d be paying full OOS tuition?

We are out of state as well (VA) and that is my impression too. There was a live Facebook talk at UNC Charlotte Admissions Facebook page tonight about scholarships and there are more in state offers for merit scholarships than out of state. Although out of state tuition for UNC Charlotte isn’t that much more than in-state VA public universities.