Freshman Soccer Tournament

<p>If you've not heard already. </p>

<p>During Welcome Week at Michigan - us freshmen have taken the iniative and decided to host a Soccer Tournament :D . Now the tournaments primary aim is to bring people together and become active members of community through sport. You dont need skill , you just need to have desire to meet new people and get your College Life to a flying start. If you dont want a play , you can be a referee , a linesman , photographer , journalist , anything really. </p>

<p>So far , there exists 8 teams. We are organising this through Facebook and already we have 130+ enthusiastic members. If you want to join , I can send you the link through a Private Message as I'm not allowed to post it here. </p>

<p>Go Blue!</p>

<p>is there a requirement to participate in that tournament?
I'd like to join</p>

<p>Yeah the requirement is a want to meet lots of people , play soccer and have lots of fun:D (before classes begin:p). Ill PM you with the link.</p>

<p>I'm down 10 char</p>

<p>Need a goalkeeper? Son is interested! PM the link.</p>