FSU business school

FSU as a whole has made incredible strides in US News’ rankings and is now tied with Miami and is ahead of Pitt, Washington, Maryland, Rutgers, IU, TX A&M and others. Maybe a good bit of that rise is due to value but also quality and perception.

My son applied to the business school. How well regarded is the FSU business school? He won’t be in the honors program. Is that a hindrance in terms of opportunities?

Take a look at Poets and Quants for Undergrad website. Also see USNWR Business School Undergrad Rankings.

In Poets & Quants, I don’t see FSU nor UF ranked so I assume they didn’t report. It’s good to see U of Houston, my undergrad ranked ahead of Miami and Tulane.

I am hoping some students, alumni or parents have insight they can share.

Building $88 million Legacy Hall soon.


Legacy Hall is well behind schedule. Back in 2018, it was slated for opening in Fall 2021. Now, Dean Hartline urges that if the $44M in private funding is completed soon, they can begin building in Fall 2022 for completion by Fall 2024. The Legacy Hall brochure and website links don’t work.

Meanwhile, at SMU, “donors have already given $90 million to renovate and expand Cox School facilities. Now we seek to raise by April 2022 the final $30 million needed to break ground.” All private funding.

Hopefully, Legacy Hall gets funded in time for a Fall 2022 groundbreaking.

P&Q is helpful but I don’t believe all schools provide data therefore they don’t make the list. If you see a school missing from the list it’s not necessarily because their B school is bad.

Exactly. UC-Berkeley has a “pretty good” b-school and it’s not ranked in P&Q.

Yeah. The flip side is why wouldn’t a school provide data? It’s a very popular tool. I think a few schools have been caught juicing the numbers over the years.

All good points thanks

You can look at MBA rankings as a proxy. Most schools would not skip data for these.

Two helpful links about career outcomes:

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Interesting, indeed. My OOS daughter fell in love with FSU when she visited in the fall. I was concerned about their business school, though, as I don’t know much about it. Also, it wasn’t covered on our tour, and we couldn’t even find a business school building on campus. It didn’t seem like a strongly attended major there. According to this data, most business majors move on to employment in Florida. My daughter would like to return to the NYC area. Hmm.

The top interviewer and #2 hiring company is Insight Global which appears to be a staffing agency. The top hiring company was RSM, which is an accounting firm with offices around the country. If you’re an accountant, the Big 4 is well represented with EY tied at #2. However, I’m concerned that Southwestern Advantage is #3. It appears to be big direct sales program.

For the latest year, it appears that 69% of graduates wanting jobs had accepted one within six months of graduation. I wish we could click on the employers for each major as long as their were five or more graduates included. More than half say that they found their position through the career center.

These stats seem somewhat alarming to me. I want my daughter to have a balanced college experience, and she would like that to be out of state, but the top priority is still for her to be employed in NYC at the end of her 4 years. I wonder how likely that is at FSU. It has always been at the back of my mind, but seeing this data confirms my fears so thank you for sharing.