FSU Fall 2022 Admission - Class of 2026

Applying to FSU in 2022? Decisions will releasing on a rolling basis starting February 17th. This is the spot to connect with other FSU applicants to share stats, news and admissions updates or results.


My daughter switched from fall to summer, so she hopes she gets in! She is in-state and qualifies for Bright Futures.


What’s the reputation of FSU in state? Strong alumni network? Not many post on here but maybe on another site.


Definitely a strong alumni network! FSU is basically considered to be behind UF, but not any other state school in Florida.

I’m US citizen living outside US (studying in international high school). And my portal asked me to send secondary school evaluation. But my counselor said he already sent the official transcript and the school report to the common application. Anyone one have any idea what I should submit or sth to do?

FSU decision day will be February 17th and decision letters will post (typically in the late afternoon) on the Application Status Check.

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My daughter decided to stick with Fall. In State with Bright Futures here as well. But certainly not a clear choice.

Out of curiosity, what are the driving factors in the decision since it’s “not a clear choice”? I get that UF is a bit higher ranked and both are in the northern part of the state with great alumni pride. There’s also cost which may be less at lower ranked publics due to merit scholarships.

We don’t hear much about the Florida state schools in our Texas HS. Maybe because the demand is so great from top in-state candidates and because UF and FSU are much tougher admissions than lots of other popular Southern universities.

The not clear choice was on the admissions process change, and not moving her application to summer.

FSU is her top school for sure. She applied to UF, but she doesn’t like Gainesville at all. Tallahassee is a special place in her opinion.

Both UF and FSU are extremely well regarded in the state. UF considered the top school, and tends to be a bit more math / science mind (from what I noticed of kids attending there) and FSU is right behind by the tiniest of bits.

With Bright Futures scholarships, in state schools are highly regarded as you can attend with little debt and get a great education.

Does this help?

Yes, very much, thank you.

I agree that the summer option wasn’t a clear choice. If my son didn’t have a camp counselor job already lined up, and thought he could do the First Year Abroad with summer admission, he would have gone with the somewhat easier summer entry. Roll the dice and see if fall FYA works out…get in-state tuition after the year abroad.

I’m glad to hear that Tallahassee is attractive. We plan a visit in March if he gets in.

My son stayed with Fall admission. We are OOS (in PA) and he is very excited about FSU! We visited in the summer and fell in love with the campus. We were able to do a tour - the campus is pretty and the people were very friendly and informative. He loves the FSU sports, too. Son applied for Honors. Hard to wait until Feb 17 but I think we should get the honors decision at the same time.