FSU transfer

I was admitted into FSU’s freshman class this year, but because of the high out-of-state tuition, I am unable to attend this year. I intend to transfer in the fall semester of my sophomore year. Is there a way I can defer my admissions acceptance or will I have to apply again as a transfer student? Additionally, if I have to apply again does this mean I am likely to be admitted my sophomore year since I was admitted into the freshman class. Lastly, I am a biology major and I looked at the general and major-specific transfer requirements, but it only mentioned transfer requirements for students with an AA degree so I am unsure if there are any additional requirements for students looking to transfer in their sophomore year who do not obtain an AA degree.

Call admissions and they can tell you. I’m sure you can go to Tallahassee community college freshman year instead to save you some money. But I’d call to ask

I’ll definitely call them during the week.