Full financial aid at Trinity College for international students?

Does Trinity College give full financial aid to international students? And do the chances increase if one performs exceptionally well in SAT?

The answer to both your questions can be found by putting “Trinity College Connecticut Financial Aid International” into your search engine. The first response should be a link that takes you straight there. If not, once you are on the Trinity College website, click on the Menu in the top right hand corner and click on Admissions and Aid, scroll down to Aid, then on the Aid page scroll down to International.

Helpful tip: be clear about what “need aware” and “meet demonstrated need” mean.

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Performing well on the SAT has no bearing (especially for a student from India, since so many Indian students score very high). Trinity meets full need if you help them fill their institutional needs, and a lot of fully funded internationals are athletes. Other international students who need a lot of aid tend to be unlucky.

From the Trinity website:

“ Any student requiring financial assistance to attend Trinity College is eligible for financial aid, regardless of immigration status. Although the college is not a need -blind institution, it is committed to meeting 100% of the demonstrated financial need of any admitted student .”