Funny stories

<p>We all need a good laugh, tell a funny story about you or your friends.</p>

<p>My friend was once shaving the unibrow part of his eyebrows and accidentally shaved off half of one of his eyebrows.</p>

<p>hahha this is actually more embarassing than funny but i was at the movies with this guy once and my hair got caught in his zipper</p>

<p>everytime my two best friends (one of them is kinda shy) and i go to the movies together me and the other girl stand up and get the entire theatre's attention and introduce her and tell them it's her birthday and insist on singing to her..haaha fun times</p>

<p>^either your hair is really long or you were doing something naughty.</p>

<p>One time me and my friends were walking to 1st hour (so EVERYBODY was outside) and my friend was talking. I was focusing on what she had to say and I was not aware of my surroundings. Next thing I knew I bumped into a tiny tree (probably 6 feet high but it was really, really skinny) and it almost knocked over. Everybody laughed. The tree is still bent.</p>

<p>I was playing baseball and I guess I put the glove too low or I wasn't paying attention. Anyways, the ball smacked me right in the eye and gave me a black eye. It hurt like no other, but looking back, it was quite funny.</p>

<p>Mine is not too funny. </p>

<p>When going to the movies, one of my best friend enjoys throwing her popcorn to people in the front row. It’s a habit. Once she bought the sticky caramel one, and tossed it to a person sitting right in front of her. The popcorn stuck. And that person turned out to be my best friend’s crush.</p>

<p>Sounds like an FML for your friend.</p>

<p>Yeah, and the vast majority would pick YDI if your friend submitted it while giving him a speech about being nice to everyone. I'm on that site too much, lol.</p>

<p>Snow fights with my friends are always way extreme. Many of them involve throwing ice and shovelfulls of snow lol.</p>

<p>Same. It's on my phone for God's sake!</p>

either your hair is really long or you were doing something naughty.


<p>no. well my hair is long but i was laughing about something and his zipper was down aha and i told him and it my hair got stuck in the process. top 5 embarassing moments</p>

<p>I'm a regular visitor at fml too lol.</p>

<li><p>My friend showed up at lunch one day and excitedly announced that the track team finally got their uniforms. For some reason, I heard "unicorns" and...yeah.</p></li>
<li><p>On the last day of school before Christmas break of freshman year, my (ex-)friend and I skipped an assembly (which was optional to attend; those who skip just stay outside in a certain area) and started drawing on the pavement with M&Ms.</p></li>
<li><p>My junior year English teacher has this wacky tradition where, every year in May or June, everyone in two AP English Language classes (though only about twenty show up) are invited to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with her great-aunt. The food was average, but we had a live Mariachi band and it was generally rather crazy.</p></li>

<p>FML is such a funny site. My favorite one is the dog one (I know so messed up). When the guy said he say a dog get ran over by a dog and he tried to be a good civilian by helping it out but the dog got hit by a bus too. I couldn't stop laughing. That dog was meant to die, that's all I got to say.</p>

<p>Someone I know really hated a teacher of ours, so at the end of the year, he slipped a gift card under her door, with a note like "this is how much we love you" and it had something like 6 cents on it.</p>

<p>On a bus back from a debate tournament, someone was sleeping, someone else stuck a pen in his mouth, people took pictures, then, when he woke up, the pen flew out so he didn't know why everyone was laughing. Naturally, he was told a large, hairy, sweaty guy in the front put his balls in the kid's mouth, resulting in crying, until we (debate president and me) told him it was just a pen. Which reminds me of the 6am ride to a debate tournament (1 1/2 hour ride), when I woke up at 4:30 with an upset stomach and opted to consume nothing but a McFlurry. Needless to say, I threw up on the bumpy ride with flashing lights, all over the debate president's backpack (luckily he was my friend, or that would not have gone well). I was told I could still compete if I felt well, but when it became apparent that I was actually going to, I was forcibly removed from the tournament. Now we have a strict no pre-tournament McFlurry rule, which I've only violated once since. Both of these incidents were freshman year.</p>

<p>Another friend fell asleep in Algebra and I built Bookhenge around his head. He woke up, tried to flip me out of my desk, and had a fake tussle. Then the teacher was gone for months and we had to literally teach the class (subs: "Algebra?"). Another time, we illegally left a Latin tournament, walked to a grocery store, and picked up a Dutch Apple pie. Did it again this year with other friends. Dutch Apple Pie became a favorite, so he once showed up late to Chemistry (2nd block), rollerblading in with a pie in hand for the teacher.</p>

<p>My AP World History teacher frequently called me (and still does when I drop by) a terrorist, for supporting the IRA. And once, when assigning research papers for the 1960s and 1970s ("do Nixon" "do the Vietnam War"), he had extensive banter with a student, that went something like this:
T: "Do drugs"
S: "You want me to do drugs?"
T: "Yeah, I want you to experiment with drugs"
S: "Like what? Heroin, Cocaine..."
T: "All of them. Just do drugs"
S: "So I should tell my parents you told me to do drugs?"
T: "Oh yeah"
He was also paranoid about cheaters, so had non-functional cameras hidden throughout the room (functional ones would be illegal), and showed us some of them (not telling people the didn't work)</p>

<p>My Spanish teacher's voice cracks like she's going through puberty, my friend and I die laughing when we hear her. One time she said "and the highest grade on the test is Fernando (my Spanish name)..what else is new". lmao</p>

<p>My classmate hyperventilated and fainted at class when Twilight sequel had been released.</p>

<p>My other friend accidentally farted (quite loudly) while delivering her speech in front of the whole class.</p>

<p>One time I ran into my class room, put my backpack down, and attempted to sit down at my desk. I missed the chair entirely and ended up on the ground. I didn't know what to do so I started laughing. Pretty soon the entire class was laughing. Then my teacher said, "If you hadn't made that scenario so funny, I would have probably been mad that you disrupted my class."</p>

<p>Me rap battling this African American kid in my history class while one kid beat boxes was a good and funny time. I beat him by the way.</p>

<p>A bunch of kids throwing a wig on the bald dean and covering him in silly string. The ambush was filmed and put on the school news show. The dean is a nice guy, so he kind of plays along.</p>

<p>This brings a few more stories to mind.</p>

<p>One of the kids who ambushed the dean had a large group of students gathered around him while everyone was waiting for buses after an exam day. He was holding a very high end electric guitar, and smashed it against the concrete until it was completely destroyed. When I asked why, he said "because I can". Apparently his now ex-girlfriend gave it to him. He later regretted not keeping/selling it.</p>

<p>Same kid covered my friend's clarinet reed with Listerine spray. I'm not in band, but I'm told that when he put it in his mouth, it was very unpleasant.</p>

<p>On the dean... The last day of school (I was done a month early, but this was like two weeks ago), I went into the dean's office to settle an attendance appeal. I had been absent too many times from Latin 5, and my Latin teacher, who was also my Speech professor at the local college, spent the whole next semester trying to get me to get it resolved. Well, last day of school, I go in, he (the dean) emails her (the teacher), asking if she would like me to receive the grade I earned, or take a competency exam. She replied as such:</p>

<p>"I think chewing him out in my speech class all those times was punishment enough. He can keep the grade he earned <em>grin</em> =D" </p>

<p>The dean, naturally, then informed me that I would be receiving a D for the class. "A D? But I got an A for that class." "You'll have to go talk to [teacher's name] about that." She showed me the message, and we figured out that he thought "=D" meant I would be getting a D for the class. She freaked out and jokingly yelled at him.</p>

There were actually a couple of students who would occasionally sit at my table who would snort cocaine in the middle of class. Again though, my teacher didn't acknowledge this.


Wooow. I've never heard of schools being this bad. The worst thing that happened at any of my schools were two guys and a girl getting caught having a threesome in a bathroom in middle school. It resulted in a lot of people in my 7th grade class having a lot of fun with the term "gangbang." No surprise that most of the 10-20 pregnant girls at my high school are freshman. But cocaine? That's not something I've heard of. People smoke marijuana, chew tobacco, and drink vodka in water bottles where I am, but I've never even heard of someone doing cocaine at my school.</p>

Someone I know really hated a teacher of ours, so at the end of the year, he slipped a gift card under her door, with a note like "this is how much we love you" and it had something like 6 cents on it.


<p>This one is definitely my favorite.</p>