Furman Scholar 2020(class of 2021)-anything we need to know?

D21 was nominated by her school and found out today via mail that she is a Furman Scholar :slight_smile: It seems like a great school, although unless she would receive enough merit to be similar to what we would pay at the state flagship, she will probably not be able to attend. Is this something to list in the honors section when applying to other colleges? Anything else from past Furman Honors to give us an idea of what/if anything happens next?

My daughter was not nominated early as furman scholar because the school was not on our radar that early. However, she ended up getting the $25,000 or whatever it was. That was not enough for her/us. Additional merit is Quite competitive. We loved the school; wasn’t top choice but was great. I don’t think I would list furman scholar on other college apps. I personally don’t see it the same as other awards or recognition. Perhaps others might see it differently. Good luck!!

Anyone else with Furman Scholar advice? Put as “honor” in section for other college applications or not?

Technically your daughter is not a “Furman Scholar” until she accepts Furman’s offer and attends & participates in the Furman Scholar activities–if I understand correctly–and I may not as your post shares very little information. Will your daughter be attending college this Fall ?

Somewhat similiar situation happened to us a decade ago when student was given an early offer of a near full ride scholarship to a major university. Never placed the two designations that came with the scholarship awards on any applications or resume / CV, but had to notify via email the pending ED school as to why the ED supplement was being withdrawn.

@Publisher I guess the certificate she received says “has been designated a Furman Scholar”, so I guess I don’t know why it would say that if she is not. It is a Junior (HS) honor award. So, being designated a scholar doesn’t mean that she is one? Maybe someone who has a student that received this honor from past years can tell us what it means. Is she considered a Furman Scholar…or only if she attends Furman?

It appears that she is a “Furman Scholar”.

My post above assumed that your daughter was a current senior heading to college in the Fall and that you were curious about listing an early scholarship designation honor that came with an acceptance to a specific university.

I will google “Furman Scholar”.

With my new understanding, it still seems as though it is more encouragement to apply to Furman University than it is a designation earned through competition with other students. I would not list it, but I am still unclear as to its significance.

P.S. I googled “Furman Scholar”. I would NOT include it on her resume/CV or other college applications as it may adversely affect her chances for admission to other schools. Basically it seems as though this is a pre-application assessment of your daughter to Furman University assuring her of a minimum scholarship award of $20,000 (per year I assume, but wasn’t clear–also, it may have minimum college GPA requirements in order to renew the award each year during college).

Other schools may view this as a negative since it will be a competition to “buy” your daughter’s matriculation at other schools.

Others thoughts may vary, but I would not include it on other college applications.

Congratulations as it is a definite plus if your daughter wants to attend Furman University.

@Publisher Thank you for your insights. I also posed the question on parents of 2021 thread and all seem to be saying similar to you-not list it on other college apps. She also just received notice of the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science award that has associations with the university of Rochester, but that is not in the title of the award. Would you put that in the same category?

Hi! Did you receive the mail from Furman or from her high school? I haven’t heard of Furman making notifications yet. Thx.

Nevermind! I see they have been released in different areas. :slight_smile:

@SealGray i think it came from her Hs…not sure.