Furman University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Furman University offers both Early Decision and Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Decision (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is November 15.


All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 1. Last year, Furman University admitted 101 of the 117 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 86.32%.

The Early Action (EA) I deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Furman University is December 1.

The Early Action (EA) II deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Furman University is January 15.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by February 15. Last year, Furman University admitted 2,987 of the 5,258 applicants who applied Early Action. The acceptance rate was 56.81%. For more information visit the Furman University page on College Confidential.

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My daughter just got accepted Early Action :slightly_smiling_face: we weren’t expecting it!


Congratulations! Furman is a wonderful school. One of my children is there, and they absolutely love it!


Daughter accepted, Bell Tower scholarship. We were happily surprised too - was thinking decisions would be next week.


My daughter too. It was in her top 5 so I’m excited for her!


Oh thanks! Good to hear that! They’ve really been very good to deal with so far and really did their best to personalize their interactions with her.

Do you mind sharing stats?

My son was just accepted with Townes Scholarship of $35k a year. He will be turning it down because he got into his ED school a couple of days ago. He was planning on emailing admissions to withdraw his application this weekend. It’s been a really hectic week We thought decisions were supposed to come in late January? Congrats to everyone who got in. Furman was one of his top choices.


My daughter got in with a Bell Tower, she’s super excited! It’s one of her top two!


Was decision in the portal or was there an email notification? My daughter doesn’t see anything.

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We had an email notification

Congratulations to those of you who have heard!

For anyone who has not and may be worried about that, do not worry at all. Last year a small number of students received early EA admittance during Thanksgiving week. My daughter did not but her best friend did. My daughter was later accepted on the EA decision date with the exact merit as her friend (Townes).

Good luck, everyone!


Thank you for encouragement! I started to panic a little. I’m still hopeful for good news here since the published date is still over a month away!

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My daughter got in, she is really excited. I believe she got notice on Friday.

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Furman Early action decisions released!

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Daughter accepted with Townes Scholarship! Breathing a sigh of relief as this gives her a really good choice close to home. Many of her other options are far, far away and 1) we may not get to visit them all and 2) who knows what the world will bring and if, come May 1, she will decide it’s best to stay within a car ride home.

Also, this confirms what has been said before: don’t read too much into not getting your acceptance in the first wave.


Son accpeted with Bell Tower Scholarship.


My daughter is in as well! The early wave made me very nervous. Very thankful for good news today!!!


Son got in with Bell Tower!!! Deciding between Furman and one other college with a better scholarship out west.