FYI: Department Rankings and Special Programs

<p>I notice that many perspective students don't really know what NU is known for or what strong programs NU has. So I put together two lists that should give you some idea. While graduate ranking may not necessarily reflect the quality of undergrad program, it is good enough to the extent of answering "what is it known for?".</p>

<p>USN ranking / USN ranking among privates
** Humanities & Social Sciences **
Economics 9th / 7th
English 19th / 12th
History 17th / 11th
Poli Sci 21st / 12th
Psychology 22nd / 13th
Sociology 11th / 6th</p>

<p>** Math & Sciences **
Bio Sci 29th / 16th
Chemistry 9th / 6th
Comp Sci 39th / 15th
Earth Sci 31st / 14th
Math 18th / 12th
Physics 26th / 11th</p>

<p>** Engineering **
Biomedical 13th / 8th
Chemical 15th / 6th
Civil 13th / 6th
Computer 25th / 12th
Electrical 34th / 13th
Environmental 19th / 7th
Industrial/Management Sci 5th / 2nd
Material 3rd / 2nd
Mechanical 12th / 6th</p>

12th / 6th</p>

<p>Professional Schools
Business: 4th
Law: 9th
Medicine: 20th</p>

<p>USN doesn't rank languages, journalism, art history, music...etc.</p>

<p>Arts & Sciences:
Integrated</a> Science Department
MMSS</a>, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University
Undergraduates</a>, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern University
MENU</a> Program: Math Department, WCAS, Northwestern University
Kaplan</a> Humanities Scholars Program
[Undergraduates</a>, Humanities Institute, WCAS, Northwestern University<a href="open%20to%20communications/music/journalism%20students%20also">/url</a>
[url=<a href=""&gt;]Chicago&lt;/a> Field Studies, Northwestern University<a href="open%20to%20all%20students">/url</a></p>

[url=<a href=""&gt;]Engineering&lt;/a> First<sup></sup> Program - Northwestern University: McCormick School of Engineering](<a href=""&gt;
Business</a> Enterprise Certificate - Northwestern University: McCormick School of Engineering
Walter</a> P. Murphy Cooperative Engineering Education Program - Northwestern University
Certificate</a> in Engineering Design</p>

Adjunct</a> Major in Animate Arts - About the Program, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Certificate</a> in Creative Writing for the Media - About the Program, School of Communication, Northwestern University</p>

<p>Business/Finance-Related Courses/Programs Outside of Econ Dept:
Medill</a> - IMC Undergraduate Certificate<a href="note:%20the%20grad%20program%20is%20by%20far%20the%20best%20in%20the%20nation">/url</a>
[url=<a href="">]Harvey</a> Kapnick Business Institutions Program -- Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University

Northwestern</a> University - Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Kellogg</a> School Certificate Program for Undergraduates - Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University
Business</a> Enterprise Certificate - Northwestern University: McCormick School of Engineering
MMSS</a>, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University
Undergraduate</a> :: Curriculum Learning and Organizational Change</p>

Field</a> study, Academic options, Academics, Freshman, Office of Undergraduate Admission - Northwestern University</p>

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<p>Thanks for the post!</p>

<p>You forgot:</p>

<p>Brady</a> Scholars Program</p>

<p>^Thanks! Current students, please share if you know other hidden gems programs.</p>

<p>although Northwestern's departmental rankings don't seem to be THAT strong compared to ivies, it seems to have superb special programs.</p>

<p>^actually, it depends on which Ivies you are thinking about. It's definitely better than Brown/Dartmouth and fairly comparable to (or a bit lower than) Penn. In engineering, only Cornell is better. You may be surprised how the Ivies don't dominate as much as your may expect when it comes to department rankings. On the other hand, publics have higher rankings than many people may expect. I am very supportive of people picking in-state flagships over others when finance is a factor.</p>

<p>bump for the prospective students</p>

<p>This is a really great thread. The CC mods should definitely sticky this thread!</p>

<p>How difficult is it to earn a spot in the Kellogg Certificate Programs? Specifically in Financial Economics</p>

<p>I'm surprised that BA Theater isn't mentioned. I've been told by many that it's a "hidden gem" and is arguably the best BA Theater program in the nation.</p>

<p>^The ones I posted are special in the sense that many people wouldn't think of them or know they exist if they were not told at the first place.</p>

<p>Is it possible to get the Kellogg certificate and be in MMSS or MENU?</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>FE: 47 accepted
WCAS = 38
McCormick = 8
SESP = 1
Top 4 areas of study:
Industrial Engineering
MA: 37 accepted
WCAS = 12
McCormick = 24
Communications = 1
Top 4 areas of study:
Industrial Engineering
Material Science & Engin.</p>

<p>Or, is it possible to double major in math and econ, and be in mmss, and have a chance to get the certificate at kellogg? I'm sure it would be very arduous, but do people do it?</p>

<p>does anyone know anything about the adjunct major in animate arts?</p>

<p>Woo-hoo! Thanks CC mods for making this an important thread.</p>

<p>Northwestern also has the 5-year double degree program with Bienen and either Weinburg, Medill, or McCormick. That's a special program, IMO.</p>

<p>Center</a> for Legal Studies, Northwestern University
Northwestern</a> University - International Program Development</p>

<p>Now Northwestern Kellogg is number 1 for executive MBA, and number 3 for overall business, according to the newly-released grad school rankings.</p>