Ga state honors EA class of 2020

Hello everyone!
Decisions for EA are only 10 days away and I thought this would be a good time to start some conversations. Feel free to post your stats, questions, why you applied to ga state, or anything else

For my stats:
SAT: 1970
ACT: 30
WGPA: 4.04
UWGPA: ~3.8
Class rank: top 10%
State: GA

Hoping to get into the honors college!


SAT: 1690
ACT: 29
WGPA: 4.08
UWGPA: 3.83
State: GA

@iggybanks hello! I was wondering if anyone would reply. Are you hoping to get into the honors college? What is your intended major?

@ismitah I am hoping!! My major will be biology.

did anyone get an acceptance into the honors college? If so, how did they let you know?

I was accepted into honors college. It was on the eAcceptance Letter.

I got into College of Arts and Sciences: Computer Science

I was accepted, and it was also in the e acceptance letter