Game: this would be faster....

<p>A probably stupid but possibly humorous game to keep everybody occupied while we wait for snail mail from Georgetown. DCForMe started it even if she/he doesn't know it.</p>

<p>Game is: ways to communicate that would be faster than Georgetown's current methods.</p>

<p>DCForMe said Pony Express and carrier pigeon</p>

<p>I'll add "talking drums" (aka "jungle drums")....</p>

<p>Drum</a> (communication) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>lighting signal fires on the mountaintops</p>

<p>playing telephone</p>

<p>smoke signals</p>

<p>they're working on a string and plastic cup network to extend to all their acceptees</p>

<p>Your acceptance letter takes a world tour (much like the olympic torch) as they are transferred from one Georgetown alum to another until it finally reaches your house.</p>

<p>They whisper the decision to the person sitting next to them and say "pass it on".</p>

<p>they can send a chain letter where each person accepted has to notify 10 others of their acceptance and each person rejected has to notify 10 others of their rejection</p>

<p>Bike messenger. Including to all the international applicants that live overseas of course.</p>

<p>My officemate suggests: sending a plane to fly over each student's house pulling a banner announcing his or her decision</p>

<p>And being from Boston makes me suggest we could place lanterns in the church steeples a la Paul Revere (one if by land, two if by sea....)</p>

<p>Sending Jack with a letter in his mouth.</p>

<p>Signal Morse code with a broken piece of glass.</p>

<p>A trail of clues, Da Vinci Code style</p>

<p>they go to the grand canyon and echoe the responces. arizona, lucky you, youll hear first.</p>

<p>...they start at gtown and walk to every last persons house for notification. they believe in the personal touch.</p>

<p>this would be faster.....</p>

<p>if you had applied early action :) :) :)</p>

<p>unless like my D you DID apply EA and got deferred cuz zillions of people applied EA to GTown this year since other schools did away with ED.....</p>

<p>.....and back to the game:</p>

<p>sending the Ameriquest Soaring Dreams airship (blimp) to fly over each student's house with that marquee thing on the bottom announcing the decision</p>

<p>OK, so if you haven't seen this particular blimp you should check it out on YouTube it's quite the blimp...</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Soaring Dreams Airship: Portraits Of Hope PSA</p>

<p>soproudof kids, you do realize it is Georgetown's official policy not to reject anyone EA...ALL STUDENTS are either accepted or deffered...which is completly dumb in my opinion they should just let the students with no chance know to look somewhere else.</p>

<p>yes, I knew that.</p>