A 2015 finalist here hoping to hear from others in the same boat of waiting for the final mailed notification for GMS.

I’m super nervous!

Finally made an account and hi :)! I’m a finalist from California and I’m also nervous as a finalist!

im a finalist from San Diego California, lets try to share this thread with other finalists @Marrissa and @BlueberryPanda

super nervous…btw where are you from @Marrissa … ALL Finalists go ahead and share your locations!

Finalist from Los Angeles, California!! :slight_smile:

Finalist from Mobile, Alabama!

Hello to all you finalists! Hope your fortunes turn out great, and hope to meet some of y’all in the coming future. :slight_smile:

Finalist from Anchorage, AK!!! B-)

Hello! I’m a finalist from Guam! Very nervous as well!

They might be mailing letters today guys!! Ahhhh

Extremely nervous from Alabama! Our postman runs at 1:00 p.m. central time. What times does yours run? [-O<

My son is a finalist in Desoto, Texas. Praying for him!

Finalist from Biloxi, MS

I am a finalist from Wilmington, CA; I am super nervous, but can’t wait for my decision either. I hope it comes today.

And the worrying continues…no mail from GMS today.

Any word yet??

In 2014, the six Gates finalists at my high school in rural NE Arizona received their notifications on April 17th. Three of the finalists were selected as Gates Scholars. All finalists are notified of the outcome. So “no news yet” just means “no news yet.”

thanks @northernAZ

if you’re reading this, don’t be a spectator and share your status please. Good luck to everyone!