The Gates Scholarship 2018

So, semi-finalists are announced today. Has anyone been notified of their status? I thought I was a semi-finalist, since I saw the “Start your Phase Two Application” option in the morning, but it disappeared. Now I’m so worried.

omg i thought i was the only one freaking out

i didn’t see it this morning but I just checked it and now its in the dec-jan semifinalist column and im not sure what that means…

I’m guessing we receive emails at 4 pm or something or later today about an updated status because I can’t seem to find anything else about it lol. I dont know…4 pm seems to be the magic time when it comes to college things hehe

Mine is in the semi-finalist phase as well. now i’m thinking i actually didn’t pass and the phase 2 app just appeared on my dashboard by mistake

I know someone else that has the same thing!! I keep checking my emails and nothing has come from them

I’m kind of nervous. My app portal looks the same as before: the “semifinalist phase” section of the timeline is highlighted, but I don’t see anything about a phase 2 application. Just curious, how do people know that today is when semifinalist updates come out?

It came out the additional document email. It didn’t say what time though so that’s annoying but I guess 4 to 5 pm? I’m not really sure I don’t like how they haven’t told us anything really…

My portal looks the same and I keep refreshing but I’m not getting anything. Should I call? My mom suggested for me to do that but I don’t want to bother them???

I doubt that calling them would change the decision that they’ve already made. Kind of hating myself because I checked that email and realized that I didn’t submit my FAFSA on time.

I saw the essay questions while I still had access to the phase 2 app. They’re different from last year.

Now my portal says “Phase 2 application closed”. They need to stop messing with my feelings!

The application is available now. Finally! Due on January 15th


Phase 2 application reappeared.

CONGRATS!!! You’re continuing omg!!!

Thank you. good luck guys!

Did you get an email yet? I have Phase 2 application on my dashboard but can’t find the email.

The email was sent at 4:51 pm

The email came at 4:51 pm.