Gator Days

Did anyone visit on an official accepted student day? We could not and I was just wondering if someone could share impressions, details etc. Thanks

We were there - S spent the night and attended two classes. There was a tornado alert so everyone on campus had to spent an hour + on the basement levels of several buildings. Timing was good though, it started up right when the parents’ reception was kicking off so there was food & drink and parents had a chance to talk while their students were still scattered around campus. Admin mentioned that the school had an excellent # of applicants this year & last (last year may have been their highest ever?).

My S had a great time at Allegheny. He’s probably not interested in joining a frat but spent the night sleeping in one and had a good time. He reports that the students were friendly, the food at the honors lunch was great, classes were interesting - and likes the campus a lot. (Bigger than you might expect for a school w/2,000 students.) Academics are definitely strong here! The town’s not bad at all, and is in walking distance.

S’s on a final overnight at his other top school right now and will make a decision…maybe today? Allegheny was #1 when I dropped him off yesterday.

Thanks so much! We did an overnight but I figured the official one would have a different feel. My S also stayed in a frat and his host was super, but he isn’t interested in Greek like either.
As I said previously, we were very impressed with everything. Being admitted to the honors program is a definite bonus. My S has done final visits and is now just deciding between 2 - a harder decision for him than he expected.
The more research I do the more I feel Allegheny is a great opportunity. Good luck to your S and please share his choice!

Yes - harder decision than we’d expected too. Both schools have their definite upsides. Biggest drawback to Allegheny is probably the long travel time from home and the realitively ‘rural’/isolated location. (I hear it rains a lot too - but that’s an issue of mine, not my S’s!)

Only other thing I’m wondering about…Everything we’ve read/heard re: academics at Allegheny is that they’re very rigorous - that A’s are rare and that you should expect B’s and some C’s in your life. S has been an A/B student all his life. Wonder how stressful/hard it would be to maintain a consistent 3.0 for the Honors?

I’m not too worried about it because I got the sense that it is a very supportive community. I think getting the invitation to be in honors is an indication that they have faith in your ability to thrive.

IT’S ALLEGHENY! A decision - hurrah! :slight_smile:

S is really excited and he’s happy to have this figured out. We are really happy with his choice.

Congrats!! I’m glad he’s happy - my S is taking it down to the wire!

Thanks - and good luck to your S in his decision. Hopefully you’ll have an answer this weekend! (My son was beaming after he settled on his choice…I think it was a relief.)

@Leigh22 I was at the accepted student day with my son, too and got stuck in the basement during the tornado at the parent’s reception. Same impression as Aug2019. My research tells me it’s an amazing school! It seems my son felt more of a connection at Knox and it looks like he’s going to accept there. I always second guess things, so I’m sad that he’s passing on Allegheny but any choice is a loss. I think he would thrive at either school. Congrats to Aug2019 and her son - and would like to hear about Leigh22’s son’s decision.

@Theoden - Sorry we didn’t cross paths in the basement that day!

@Aug2019 I don’t think we did. We’re from Brooklyn, NY. My son was accepted to Knox, Allegheny, Bard, Muhlenberg, Ithaca College, Albright College, Niagra University, Iona, SUNY- ESF, SUNY-Oswego, SUNY-Potsdam, SUNY-Plattsburgh, and SUNY- Albany. I have to give him credit - he’s a pragmatist. He didn’t visit any schools till he got accepted,and only picked the ones that we could afford. So… in a whirlwind tour in April, he planned on visiting his top 5. He ended up doing 4 overnight visits and ended up liking each school he visited next more than the last. He liked SUNY-ESF, really liked SUNY-Plattsburgh, really, really liked Allegheny, and, it seems, super-liked Knox. After Knox he cancelled his visit to SUNY-Oswego. I’m not 100% thrilled with him going to school that’s not really driving distance from home. But I have to say, I can see why he picked Knox over Allegheny and respect his thinking/feeling. I’m still getting over the emotional roller-coaster, but I imagine I’d feel the same way if he chose Allegheny. They both shine brightly in different areas.

@Theoden I grew up in Brooklyn myself (sister graduated from SUNY Purchase) but live in the mid atlantic. Son accepted at Allegheny, Earlham, Goucher, Towson, St. Mary’s (MD), Hood, Washington College, McDaniel, and waitlisted at Gettysburg. He spent a few hours at Allegheny in early March when my husband had a chance to take him, and then we all went back in April when he did an overnight. He opted to do one more overnight at his other top contender and when he got home from that he was beaming and said he’d made his decision. It’s a long drive to Meadville - but one I’m ready to make!

@Aug2019 Yup it’s a long drive. It took us about 7 hours all-in. Those are all excellent schools! I trust Allegheny will be a great experience for him.

Well my son decided last night and he’s going to Gettysburg. It was such a tough decision! He didn’t expect to like Allegheny so much when he visited and he really has struggled the last few weeks going back and forth! The schools were equal for him in many ways, but I really think location was in Gettysburg’s favor - 2 hours away compared to 5 1/2 hours. I really could see him thriving at either school, so I’m happy with his decision- good luck!

Cheers to all! Allegheny, Knox, & Gettyburg - all great schools.

@Leigh22 Congrats!!! That’s great news! Indeed @Aug2019 Cheers to our sons and their new adventures at amazing schools!!! Thanks for walking with me on this journey. I feel profoundly grateful!