Gender Relations?

<p>Hi all! I’m currently applying to transfer to Centre, and it’s definitely near the top of my list. I was at my local bookstore reading college guides with sections on Centre – everything I read sounded great except for one glaring problem. In “The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges 2008”, which features the opinions of current students at each college, Centre students said the one thing they would change about Centre was the “gender relations”. The students actually said that “a guy and a girl sitting together in the cafeteria is cause for gossip” and that guys and girls don’t really mix outside of parties. Now I know this is just the opinion of a few students, but it must have been a prevalent complaint for it to get published.</p>

<p>Has anyone here heard about or experienced something like this? I like having all kinds of friends and this sort of worries me. Thanks!</p>

<p>My daughter is graduating in May. She would be a better judge than I but I will say is a small campus. She has not dated on campus. Everyone was a bit close and yes, gossiping in such a small environment is common. I definitely would NOT agree that men and women don't mix "outside parties" however. Some of my daughter's closest friends -- since freshman year -- are men.</p>

<p>Thank you so much, Centremom! That was really all I needed to know. Dating isn't a huge priority for me in college, so as long as it's normal at Centre to have friends of the opposite gender, I'm cool with that.</p>

<p>Centre is in the top 50 liberat arts colleges, so I don't think gender relations would be a problem! Moreover, am really looking forward to take Gender Studies classes. As far as gossip is concerned, that's common everywhere, but I don't think seeing a guy n a gal together could be a cause for gossip at Centre.</p>