General application question-conflicting information on website

<p>Hi! I’m trying to apply to Michigan’s BFA MT program and I’m confused about the necessary application materials. The website talks about needing to get in all materials before receiving a prescreen video decision, but does this include materials like SAT scores, artistic and teacher recommendations, and a high school transcript? I know I need to apply to the school through Common App and make a Decision Desk account but I keep finding conflicting information about the rest of the materials.</p>


<p>My son applied to the school via the common app, and uploaded his pre-screens to the Decision Desk Site. We have also sent in his SAT’s. Not all of the recommenders on both his application and his decision account have uploaded their letters. But, we did get an e-mail from the Musical Theater Department (NOT Admissions) that his application would be “Put on Hold” until they received the trascripts. Although we had requested the transcripts, the counselor just hadn’t gotten it done, but did so once we told them we absolutedly needed it done right away. The letter didn’t say anything about the fact that they hadn’t gotten the letters of recommendation yet. (and they still don’t have all.) So although I don’t believe not having the letters will hold up the process, not having transcripts will. Not sure about SAT’s because we had sent those in. Hope this helps. :)</p>

<p>@Theatremom31197 There’s another contradictory requirement that I’m not sure how to resolve. The instructions describe a resume listing employment and public service etc (in “Section 1”) as well as all the elements of a theatrical resume (in Section 2). So this is different from the single page standard theatrical resume requested elsewhere. How did your son manage this?</p>

<p>Thank you @Theatremom31197‌ ! </p>

<p>@vocal1046‌ I emailed the office about this, if they wanted a standard résumé AND artistic résumé on the same page because part of the website says that, another part says just artistic. I’ll let you know what they say.</p>

<p>@attheballet I’ve emailed them twice. No response. Do let me know if you hear back. </p>

<p>@vocal1046‌ Maybe calling the office might work? I’ll try that if I don’t get a reply</p>

<p>@attheballet The only place my kid saw a resume request was on Decision Desk. That upload is long gone. He’ll have to see if there’s another way to submit it now that he made the dang thing.</p>

<p>@vocal1046‌ Just got word from Michigan- it only needs to be an artistic resume!</p>

<p>Ugh. So glad he and I spent three hours making their two-section version yesterday. </p>

<p>@Theatremom31197, we got the same email requesting “official” transcripts before our prescreen would be considered. Which was sort of a surprise: #1 How exactly does one upload an “official” transcript to decision desk?. They don’t give those out. A school sends them directly, right?. I did not recall them asking for an “official transcript” to begin with. We had the same issue with our school not uploading yet to the school on the common app, because, as the counselor explained, you can’t just upload the transcirpts, it includes the entire school report incl the counselor letter. Which takes time – and we have no control. So school then sent transcript to dept. via email, and I assume we are good. But honestly, I am not sure … So I have no idea at this point when or if we will hear from Michigan. I am almost afraid to ask.</p>

<p>I haven’t gotten any on hold email! All my materials, transcripts, scores, are submitted to the university though, the only thing I’m waiting on is for my artistic rec to be submitted!</p>

<p>@transmom, our transcripts were uploaded to the common app website, and that is how U of M received our transcripts. We did hear last week, and my son did receive an invitation to audition.</p>