General Ed/first 2 years

<p>Is the first 2 years at cal poly just general Ed like most colleges or do you start on your major right from the get go?</p>

<p>During the first two years at Cal Poly, you can incorporate your main/support courses with your GEs. For example, if you are a biology major, you can do two GE courses and two of your main bio courses at the same time as a freshman. It doesn’t matter whether you complete most of your GEs as a freshman or a senior (I would try to do them early to get them out of the way). It is highly recommended that you take some of your major and support courses earlier in the year though because some of them are prerequisites for your upper division major courses. </p>

<p>Before attending Cal Poly, you will be blocked into certain classes based on your major. Basically, your schedule is already determined in which half of your classes will probably be GEs and the other half your major courses. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>So can you take all GEs and one major course in your first few quarters or is that not a good idea?</p>

<p>I suggest not doing that. It may be hard to get into a certain ge class unless you get a good rotation. I would try to complete them as soon as possible for that reason but most importantly while spreading them out among your core/support courses, so the year won’t be that difficult for you. For example, instead instead of taking four science courses in one quarter, take two science courses and two ges to balance them out. You want to get through your major courses too. If you end up cramming all your ges (for example, taking four ges each quarter and no support/major courses) in your freshman and sophomore year, you may have a difficult junior and senior year (depending on what your major is). </p>

<p>Most people I know may end up taking 3-5 major courses their freshman year (one or two major courses each quarter), 3-6 ges a year, and the rest for support courses. Note there are about a total of 11-16 ges depending on what major you are.</p>

<p>Cool thanks!</p>