Geographic Diversity at Centre?

<p>This is one of the schools on older D’s list (although she’s still a good year away), along with some other small LACs like Hendrix, Rhodes, Wooster, Earlham and Cornell College. She likes the southern schools better on paper, but she’s a northerner through and through - born in California and raised in the Chicago suburbs. It looks like a lot of the students at Centre are from Kentucky and the south. Does that make a difference? (I remember going to UVa and being in culture shock for a semester back when I was in school; northern directness was considered rudeness there and that, among other things, took some time to get used to.) How much geographic diversity is there at Centre?</p>

<p>My d is considering Centre. We have been in the south for over 2 years, but still prefer northern directness. She likes Centre, but doesn't want to be surrounded by southernness for four more years.</p>

<p>My D is also looking into Centre. In fact it has come down to either Centre or Rhodes. We also toured Cornell College & Wooster both good schools but in second place compared to Centre and Rhodes - IMHO and my D's.
The lack of student diversity is a concern of ours towards Centre - that and hopes the new Science Center is not delayed due to the shakey financial environment</p>

<p>My son was accepted at both Centre and Rhodes. Waiting for the scholarship info from Rhodes. After visiting both schools, we felt both had a southern vibe and Rhodes seemed to have a wealthier student body. I've heard that it's not uncommon for the southern kids to come to these schools already socially connected and webbed into the fraternities/sororities. I'm hesitant to send a midwestern kid into the southern culture/social scene. Any non-southern students available to comment?</p>