George Washington ED1 Class of '25 Thread

If you’ve applied ED1 to GW, list your stats! We can discuss applications, and when decisions in December come out, we can see who got in!


Hey! So I was scrolling through last year’s forum for ED1 and their decision came out the day before GW went on break. Therefore, I think this year’s decisions should come out on the 17th. I’m going to call their admissions office and ask as it gets closer but does anyone else think this too?

Also last year the CSS Profile said the award date but they must have figured out kids could see that so they changed it. So nervous!

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Keeping myself on this thread!

Hiiii! Please keep me updated if anyone knows about the decision date!

What majors did people apply for?

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I applied for Political Science. I’m so nervous! I know they’re cutting their undergraduate admissions too which makes me even more freaked out. Fingers crossed for everyone!

:0 oml what stats at this point it was just me throwing myself at the admissions officers hoping that they like me –

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oop international relations i pray for ya’ll

We got this! At this point, I’m just trying to think positively and not break down–but imagine the moment when we get accepted! :slight_smile:

if anyone gets anymore info about the decision date let me know. my friend who ED’d bowdoin just got an email today saying the decision date, as well as my friend who ED’d barnard. hoping that we are next!

i’m internally screaming

Has anyone received an email–anything? :fearful:

The last time I heard from them was when I submitted my application and they sent me my portal. That was so long ago…


Right! So many of the colleges I applied to are sending me follow-up emails but GWU hasn’t.