George Washington University Class of 2025 (ED1/2/RD)

Hi guys! I noticed that there wasn’t a thread for the full applicant pool for GWU so i decided to create one :slight_smile:


does anyone know if gwu has a grace period for receiving test scores? i’m scared mine won’t be received in time for jan 5th

not sure, but you could always just email your counselor and let them know!

what major did you guys apply for?
I applied for Public Health!

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Has anyone who applied gotten their portal info yet?

i applied mid-december and got my portal login stuff two-ish weeks later

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hi all i submitted my application a few minutes late will it still be considered?

not 100% sure, but i think most schools accept “late” applications if its only a few minutes. if you’re concerned, maybe call the office tmrw? sorry, im not sure if that was helpful

hi everyone! RD applicant here! i applied as a polisci major. best of luck to all of you!

i emailled the office, still haven’t received a reply or log in to my portal

My D applied on 12/31 and received her portal info this morning.

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Same here, my second choice major is sociology.

Hey y’all,
I applied ED2 to GWU! I am not even qualified, however, it is worth a shot. I applied for Public Health as my first choice, and sociology as my second! I applied on Christmas day, if that even makes a difference. If y’all want, you can check out my chance me thread and leave feedback!

hi! rd applicant and im applying as a neuroscience major :))

hi guys! RD applicant, first choice poli sci :smile:

also don’t worry if u haven’t gotten ur portal yet - I applied like 2 weeks ago and they just sent me mine today.

I think you’re fine – GW emailed today and said “We’re keeping our application open until January 30!” and offered a fee waiver.

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hey why is everyone applying to GWU? For context, I’ve applied to Georgetown (accepted) and American (RD). I’m looking to study international relations and being in DC is very important to me. The only thing about GWU is that it’s very much in the city and I’d like the campus feel. However, their fee waiver has enticed me to apply. Would any of you be willing to give some reasons as to why you applied? thx

I applied to GW as a poli sci major for regular decision! Hope I get to know some of you!

My daughter applied for the same reasons as you - wants to do IR, school is right in the city, lots of internship opportunities.