George Washington University Class of 2025 (ED1/2/RD)

As was I :confused: oh well I suppose, it’s just a bummer

I didn’t get a major for business but I’m not sure it matters for us bc it seems like they’re all bsba’s in different concentrations

Theatre BA daughter got an email about Corcoran Scholarship. (Bless her. She worked her tail off through HS.) Email said details are on student portal. Has anyone accessed this “student portal?”

im not sure yet- hbu?

I’m considering it. Once i hear more abt the program i’ll make a decision. If u wanna connect my insta is @mayasampath !!

It’s really hard to believe I got accepted over you…even in general I’m surprised they did not even waitlist you…You seem to have a good application, I guess you were just unlucky but I always like to think that a ‘rejection is a redirection in the right direction’ so don’t worry about it! Honestly…

regarding my stats:
I did not submit SAT or ACT as a matter of fact
4.2 weighted/3.6 unweighted GPA
IBDP (as well) but I take SL Spanish (7), SL English, HL Econ, HL Math, HL Chem and HL Film, but my overall prediction is like a 34/35.
ECs: Vball varsity team, captain of JV vball team, varsity soccer player and won an international soccer championship, I’m also directing a short film about fighting racism and I’m working with about 10 schools around the world, my common app was about a racist experience I had. I’m in the NHS, also president of the Student Council, I also put as my first EC being the oldest of 4 children, and all my siblings are under the age of 5 xP
(I am an international student from Paris, so that could be a factor)
I also applied for Econ// maybe you applying undecided was not helpful?

I mean I don’t even mean this to degrade MYSELF but I genuinely feel like your application is just as strong if not even stronger than mine!

Do you think that your letters of recs were good? maybe that was the issue?
I know I got great recs from my TOK teacher and Econ teacher…as well as my counselor

does anyone know what the GE reqs are like for non stem majors? I’m a poli sci major so I know I’d have to take econ but any there any hard math/sciences (Calc, physics, chem)

2 sciences and one math, and there are plenty of choices for non stem type people.

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Does anyone know if the financial aid summary is out? I’m on my GWeb financial aid page but it says there is no information for financial aid for me and the only thing I could find was the total cost of attendance before any aid. I couldn’t find anything related to my scholarship or the fafsa loan?


It was out on Friday. They sent an email later in the day saying that it was out

I have the same thing, I emailed their financial aid email and they responded saying “Thank you for reaching out. I see that one of your financial aid requirements was just submitted on 3/29 which has since completed your application. Our counselors are currently working on your application and you should receive notification within the next few days regarding your official award letter.”
This was a little weird bc we had already submitted everything and my mom said she didn’t submit anything recently, so I think it was just delayed for us?

Ours is still not up either. I called and they said it is still in process…???..

Really weird- I wonder why it’s just a few people? Hopefully it doesn’t indicate how much aid we will get…

Your GW decision is surprising. UF Honors is a huge accomplishment, as is Swarthmore!

Thank you! And, I got admitted into USC and NYU recently too. I think a waitlist might’ve made a bit more sense for GW. Nothing I can do now though.

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does anyone know if we will receive a physical package from GW?

I got a call yesterday in my econ class asking the same thing- I emailed them today to see if I can appeal my aid package

anyone know if it is possible to appeal my rejection from the honors college? I was really hoping to get into it

i don’t think you can. you can reapply tho during your time at gwu