George Washington University Class of 2025 (ED1/2/RD)

Are other people still waiting on financial aid

We are. Ugh

My aid didn’t come out during the original acceptance letter and I just heard back and only got a loan :upside_down_face:

My D’s scholarship portal updated today!

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My son got in to Elliott but is wondering about minoring in the Corcoran School (fine arts). Is that doable and allowed across these particular schools? If so, would he be eligible to take classes in his freshman year - does the schedule allow first year?

he will probably be taking classes that are Elliott required, and other requirements, ,but for example, not everyone gets into UW (university writing) in the fall, so he take an arts class. As a matter of fact, i think an arts class might be a requirement . Also depends on how far in a foreign language he is. Have you joined the GWU parents page?

Just did yesterday - thought I might ask the question there as well. Thank you.

Hello! Does anyone know when we will be able to contact our (college) advisors?

How do I join the GWU parents page? Is it a page on CC or some other platform? I used your link and saw a lot of other forum topics but missed the parent one if its there. Thank you!

its on FB. “GWU parents” not sure why it tagged it that way above . Please make sure to answer all the questions to join.

thank you so much!

A chuckle for today: Over the weekend, I somehow joined not just the GW parents FB group but also the class of 25 FB group!!!

The latter is only students (not parents) so I must have failed to look closely with these old eyes when I was seeking to join the relevant groups. (The student group had tons of pix of them all introducing themselves to each other.)

Silly me! So I quickly unjoined.

But I appreciated how enthusiastic and joyful all the kids were.

They are all so ready to be on campus and start new adventures and in an amazing city. It was great. :partying_face:


does anyone know the acceptance rate for this year?

they usually dont post that information until much later. it usually hovers around 40%, with ED being much higher (70-80%). I am sure that this year they stacked the wait list . you can check in gwtoday or gwhatchet to see if they post anything.

If anyone is reading this , please reconsider going to this school if you really are sure you want an in person experience this fall. The administration will say anything at this point, but will renege. If you think that virtual U is for you, go right ahead.

GWU is not doing any person aspect of graduation , stating that the students wanted on the mall or nothing. (which is not true). The person in charge in graduation, which is less than a month away , is on vacation. No special speaker.

Last year when the pandemic hit, they kicked everyone out before spring break, told them it would be 3 weeks and did not allow anyone to come back to get their things. They then hired movers , once again never giving anyone the chance (moving was essential), and it took over 2 months to pack everyones stuff up. They lost so many invaluables that could not get replaced. Then the school said all the way up to July 27th that they would be hybrid. The Seniors had already put deposits down on apartments, and then they went fully virtual.

Just dont believe you will be in person in the fall if you commit. Also if you read the hatchet article the professors have very little confidence in the school right now as well. Yes I am bitter, but ever since President LeBlanc came in in 2017 things have been going downhill, even pre pandemic. . This is one viewpoint. I am sure others will say how great the school is.

is anyone still waiting for the financial aid offer…?? GWeb said it’s still ready for review and no emails about financial aids yet… I am very nervous b/c FA is one of the biggest factors deciding which college to go… haha

I know it is frustrating, but GW isn’t the only school that has had to make COVID-related decisions that we are not happy with. My son has been accepted to Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and is now looking to transfer over to ESIA. One of his criteria is that the school be open to in person in fall. I told him that it’s not going to be a sure thing, but all four schools in the DC / NoVA area that he was accepted to have the same goal - to open. Everyone wants to go back to in person. He missed out on all of his senior year in HS - sitting at home in his room all day, as did millions. I’m surprised that there is no commencement speaker for your class and that roulette wheel of fate having hit on the Class of 2021 is bad news for anyone with a kid who is in that class.