We just saw my D’s USPS informed delivery postage via email. It looks like she didn’t get in. According to previous years, Georgetown letters have a postage of 48-50 cents if the student is deferred/waitlisted and 68/70 cents if they are accepted. Please post your postage/results here.

EA decision letters were mailed on 12/12. We saw this on informed delivery as well.

That may not be true. I have read old posts that said there were acceptances even with the lower postage amount. Some have theorized that it is the amount of postage necessary to travel the distance. So those who live on the east coast wouldn’t need as much postage as those who live out west. Good luck!

Where do you live?
Good luck to your D!

How do you use Informed delivery to find out?

I am logged into USPS, but it only has past information. When will tomorrow’s post be uploaded?

@blondeboynj it will show up tomorrow morning. Mine normally shows up around 8:00 am

I almost don’t want to look on Informed Delivery

If anyone needs a format on decision posting, you can use this one. Just remove the ‘a’ below:

[aB][asize=4][acolor=#008000]Decision: Accepted[/color][/size]**
[aB][asize=4][acolor=#FFA500]Decision: Deferred[/color][/size]**
[aB][asize=4][acolor=#FF0000]Decision: Rejected[/color][/size]**


SAT I (breakdown):
ACT (breakdown):
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):
Weighted GPA:
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
AP (place score in parenthesis):
IB (place score in parenthesis):
Senior Year Course Load:
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
Job/Work Experience:
Volunteer/Community service:
Summer Activities:
Essays (rating 1-10, details):
Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):

Teacher Rec #1:
Teacher Rec #2:
Counselor Rec:
Additional Rec:


Applied for Financial Aid?:
Intended Major:
State (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant):
School Type:
Income Bracket:
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):


Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected:

With the new postal rates and last years results combined, the deferrals to RD should be $0.50 and the acceptances $0.65. It would be nice to hear from an acceptance to confirm. The other thread had a deferral @ $0.50.

Nothing showing up in informed delivery for Ohio today.

Mine hasn’t arrived yet but informed delivery shows 65c postage in NY

this is so stressful

Maryland here, my informed delivery is saying $0.65
Not getting the physical letter until this evening though.

Since the website says we get it by the 15th, will it be available on our online portals?

My DD got accepted! We haven’t received the physical letter yet - we live about 1 hour of driving away from GU, so hopefully the letter will be in mail this afternoon. We saw someone posted in Reddit that the decision was also available in the portal, so we checked and there it is!

Providing some info below. Will come back to add more later.

Decision: Accepted!!!


SAT I (breakdown): Reading 760; Math 800.
ACT (breakdown): N/A
SAT II: Math II 800; Bio-M, 780; World History 800
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.74
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): # 1 of about 490 kids
AP (place score in parenthesis): 5s on 7 exams and 4 on 1 exam, but she didn’t submit AP scores given her strong Subject test scores; she only reported National AP Scholar as an honor.
IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A
Senior Year Course Load: Multi-variable Calc, AP Eng Lit, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, AP Gov, AP Spanish Lang
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National AP Scholar, finalist of a national competition for innovations, State Champions in FBLA and DECA competitions, President’s Volunteer Service Awards, a university Book Award


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
Job/Work Experience:
Volunteer/Community service: around 1,000 hours in community services in high school, half of them coming from running her own non-profit, and the other half from a county youth volunteer organization where she’s selected as a team lead.
Summer Activities:
Essays (rating 1-10, details):
Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):

Teacher Rec #1:
Teacher Rec #2:
Counselor Rec:
Additional Rec:
Interview: Went very well.


Applied for Financial Aid?:
Intended Major: Biology of Global Health (not pre-Med)
State (if domestic applicant): VA
Country (if international applicant):
School Type: big public
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Female
Income Bracket:
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): None


Strengths: stats (especially #1 class rank), demonstrated passion for serving others and creating initiatives for that purpose.
Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected:

RESULTS: Early Action Deferred


SAT I (breakdown): 1500 (750/750)

SAT II: 680 Math II (Retaking for a perfect score), 680 US History

GPA: Our school only reports WGPA out of 100, mine is a 97.54 and I got all As except for a B in AB Calc this MP.

Rank: Not calculated by my school

AP (place score in parenthesis): APUSH (5), APHUGE (4), AP Enviro (4)

Senior Year Course Load:
AP Gov, AP Spanish, AP Calc AB,
-Half yr courses-
Women’s Literature and Contemporary Novels (Liberal arts college format elective English courses), CPR (Our health course), Public Speaking, Intro to Journalism, CP Astronomy, Managing Personal Finance (grad requirement)

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.):
AP Scholar, National Honor Society, Like 5-6 Model UN Awards


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Model UN (Senior Officer), Debate Club (Varsity Captain and Co-Founder), Student Council (Whole school elected Officer-Historian), Karate (Black & Red belt in Tang Soo Do), Jazz band guitarist, Campaign intern for Congressional bid that won in 2018, Digital Arts Club, Co Teacher for local Nature Classes for little kids, Golfer (Recreational and technically an alternate for the Varsity team)

Job/Work Experience: Babysitting throughout my Junior yr consistently for a family once a week, Microsoft Excel programming for an orthopedic firm in town this winter

Volunteer/Community service: My community service is really through my activities (NHS, Student Council, community garden) in which I’ve volunteered a lot of time to. I also volunteered for the Congressional campaign as above mentioned.

Summer Activity: I took a class on Natural Resources in the Global Market at Columbia this summer. I also spent a lot of time doing research for a local exploratory committee for a community leader considering a Commissioners campaign. He chose not to run due to family things, but I put it on my app because it was a lot of time and effort with gathering voter data, working on mapping with Map GIS and more.

Essay: My personal essay was about losing my aunt to suicide while in the 4th grade and the event influencing my discovery of politics as a passion/outlet, in which I have become motivated on healthcare and mental health policy.

Supplements: Special talents essay about my graphic arts skills, my extracurricular essay was talking about learning how to demonstrate leadership through my Model UN activities, and my SFS essay revolved around climate change


Teacher Rec #1: My AP Enviro teacher, really kind guy who I did a lot of important research projects with and knew my academic commitment

Teacher Rec #2: My sophomore English teacher (yes ik that’s a controversial decision) who is really personable and I have had the most vulnerable and honest conversations out of all my teachers. She helped check my grammar on my essays before writing her rec letter and I think probably highlighted my personality traits. She’s like lowkey my best friend as a teacher so.

Counselor Rec: He’s an uber dry guy but I’ve been the most committed to college with him and he’s seen my brute passion/drive. He also told me he mentioned some personal struggles both academically and at home that he saw me overcome in a really positive way. This one makes me nervous but he said it went well.

Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
Intended Major: International Political Economy, SFS
State (if domestic applicant): NJ
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: Middle Class

Strengths: SAT score, personal essay
Weakness: Subject test scores, counselor recommendation, possible extracurriculars (I was never nominated for awards or youth leadership programs)

Accepted to SFS (Culture and Politics) from Northern Arizona, 34 ACT 4.0 GPA

Accepted to McDonough School of Business (Business Administration) from Northern California, 31 ACT with a 4.3 GPA.

No SAT II’s nor AP scores were submitted.
Lot’s of extracurricular’s and volunteerism.

Can’t wait!