Georgetown University Transfer - Fall 2021

Received the same message.

I got put on the extended waitlist. The wording is very specific I feel like. They say most students weren’t put on the extended waitlist so maybe that’s a hint that we have better chances at this point?


We heard tonight too- My daughter was not offered a spot for fall or spring.
Well- that settle that! she is going to UNC CH now. It’s all good!
Congratulations to all of you bright, accomplished students & parents.
Good luck on the next leg of your journey!


My daughter was offered the extended waitlist for both semesters (she’s a rising sophomore)…

Anyone in extended waitlist for Spring 2022 who got accepted to other colleges too? I’m not sure if I should go to another college for fall or stay where I am…

I definitely wouldn’t bank on being accepted off of the extended waitlist. It might happen, but it might not. If you were accepted to other places, I would go to the place you would have gone if Georgetown had flat rejected you.

Thank you for your reply. Can I transfer to Georgetown for spring if accepted after I spend a fall semester in the college that I am accepted to? I’m not familiar with American colleges and transferring schools so I’m not sure if this is even a possible thing to do…

I am an international student who applied to transfer to NYU and Georgetown from BU this year. I’m admitted by NYU but put on Georgetown’s extended waitlist. My plan is to leave BU, enroll at NYU for the Fall 2021, and wait to see how Georgetown is gonna do with me. If the college accepting you is valuable enough for you to leave the previous one, then I suggest go for it first and then wait. From now to October 1, that’s a lot of time…

oh okay, so you mean it is a possible thing to do. I thought you can’t transfer again after only one semester. Thank you

Hi guys! I just have a question about the deadline for GU Sping 2022 Tranfer. I checked the official website and they said students who apply GU Fall 2021 Transfer or Spring 2022 Transfer should submit applications before March 1 2021 (which is passed already). I am pretty confused about that. Is that mean I dont have other chances to apply GU Spring 2022 Transfer? Is there any additional deadline specifically for GU Spring 2022 Transfer?If that is true, why did some people get into GU in Spring 2021 while applying just 2 or 3 months ago?

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Hi all, a few questions…

  1. Does anyone have an idea how many students got placed on the extended waitlist?
  2. Is there a chance of acceptances throughout the end of summer for students on extended waitlist for fall?
    Thank you!
  1. No idea, but probably there are very few students on the extended waitlist considering the fact that there were only 50 admits total, the waitlist portion has to be smaller than 50, and the extended waitlist has to be smaller than the waitlist number. My guess would be 15-20 students max? But that’s just a guess, it could be off.
  2. I doubt there’s a chance for that, considering the fact that the extended waitlist letter said “The University’s ability to enroll spring 2022 transfer students will come into clearer focus this coming September.” I doubt we’ll hear anything before September.
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Late to the game, but I accepted the initial waitlist and the extended one as well. I wonder if this is a good sign…

That’s what I’m wondering.

Same here. Lets all hope for the best.

Heyo! To my extended waitlisters, how are you all holding up? My anxiety is through the roof!

Did anyone hear back?