Georgetown vs. ND?

Hi all, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into two of my top choices, Notre Dame and Georgetown, for the incoming class of 2025. I am having a difficult time selecting which school I should attend. I am looking to go into Finance/something Business related and was accepted into McDonough and Mendoza for Georgetown and Notre Dame respectively.

I was accepted to both EA, so I have attended many Zooms and Webinars for each of the schools. Here are my pros and cons for each school:


Vast selection of internship opportunities due to DC location.
So much to do in the Georgetown neighborhood and the National Mall right nearby – will never be bored.
Much closer to home (I live in Princeton, NJ area) and I would be able to simply take train from DC to Princeton if I needed to come home.
~$5,000 cheaper for the first year

Infamous for less-than-desired food and dorms
Sports scene isn’t as prevalent as Notre Dame (I am a football/hockey fanatic)

Notre Dame:

Been my “dream school” since I was young.
LOVE how the alums come back and bring their family for football game days – there just seems to be a stronger community feeling??
LOVE the dorm/hall culture and how it creates a sorority/fraternity feeling where everyone is included
Seems to be a stronger Catholic prevalence (feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

Far from home – trips back home would have to be less spontaneous and more planned out.
Less internship opportunities (again, feel free to correct if wrong)
~$5,000 more expensive for first year.

Lately I have been leaning towards Georgetown simply because of its proximity to my hometown, but a part of me feels like when the time comes I will have a lot of trouble saying no to Notre Dame as it has been my dream school for the longest time. Any input from either side is greatly appreciated.

hard decision. both are amazing schools. do you know what your major will be? does one school have a better program then the other?

In general, Georgetown has a somewhat stronger business school, and I think that being in DC is better than being next to Chicago. On the other hand, Notre Dame has one of the strongest alumni networks among national universities, which can be really important in getting internships and jobs.

I would say that the case for either, overall, is very strong. While, in general, I tend to lean towards Georgetown as a college over ND, I actually would recommend that you choose ND.

First, because it is your dream school, and it seems that, unlike many HS students with “dream schools” you have actually researched ND quite a bit, and are familiar enough with the school that you actually know what you like. Second, it is farther away from home. You’ve grown up in the Mid Atlantic/East Coast, and college is, among other things, about trying out new things.

Unless that $5,000 is a major cost for your family at this point in time, I would say that you should choose ND, since one good internship in your major will pay that back and then some.

I am leaning towards a major in Finance; however I appreciate that both business schools allow incoming students to explore a little bit before declaring anything.

seeing as yours catholic and like that vibe I think ND would be a good fit. you also seem to want the “college experience” which youll get more of at ND over Georgetown. and if you get a work study, paid internship, or work over the summer you can find a way to make up the difference

Even as a Georgetown student, it sounds like in your heart you know ND is where you want to be. If you can afford it, which it sounds like you can, go there.

My H (also from NJ) had that same decision about 50 years ago! He went to ND and had a fantastic expereince – no regrets whatsoever. Sounds to me like your heart is with ND but you really can’t make a bad choice.

Thank you! I just got back from a trip out to South Bend and almost didn’t want to leave. ND truly was beautiful. Now I just have to convince my parents that that is the way to go!

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Do you go with your heart or your head? I get that struggle.

College is 4 years of your life, and you hopefully have a long life ahead of you. College is a means to an end, not an end in itself. So, which one gets you closer to how you’ll want to live the rest of your life?

Interestingly, your cons for Georgetown (dorms, food, sports) are things that won’t matter in the long run. However, your cons at Norte Dame (cost, internships, and distance) are things that will or potentially could matter. You certainly can get internships from South Bend, but there are advantages to being in DC during the academic year. with regard to distance, many students go far from home and have a great 4 years. But 4 years is a long time and a lot can happen in those 4 years. I’ve seen too many situations where the distance did matter in students’ lives. A lot.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. Best of luck with your decision.

My d LOVED Georgetown and had an amazing experience- but she sounds quite different from you. I think the Catholic element is far more significant in ND and mores are more conservative than at Georgetown which is Jesuit and thus much more modern and cosmopolitan. My d would not have been comfortable at ND but loved Georgetown. This may weigh in either direction or not at all for you.

There is no right or wrong decision here. You’re not going to get any measurable differences between the two to make your decision, in the end it will come down to what feels right. Try to block out what everyone else is telling you and search within yourself to what you gut says. One of the top measures of success in college in student involvement. Think about how you might spend your time outside of the classroom (clubs, service trips, etc) best of luck with your decision and post when you make your choice.

The OP had to decide by May. Closing thread.