Georgetown waitlist Class of 2025

Has anyone heard anything yet?

I haven’t yet.

Same. Nothing yet

Where is the reddit thread? I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find anything about GT waitlists for 2025.

Check Portals, I just got a status update stating that they cannot offer me a place at the time, but an invitation to the “extended waitlist for a small number of students.” Definitely declining it in favor of Duke.

officially got rejected from the waitlist. applied to the college for environmental biology but it’s ok because GWU has better programs for my interest :slight_smile: congrats to those who got in!

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My son got the invitation to the extended waitlist. So disappointed. GT is his dream school.

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Extended waitlist (applied to the College). It seems like a lot of people got this; does anyone have an idea of how selective it is?

Georgetown is my dream school, so this hurts. Hoping for the best but not expecting much from them at this point.

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I was also rejected

same happened to me. it’s always been my dream school

same :disappointed_relieved:

Did anyone get accepted?

I was told they rejected approximately 90 percent of the waitlist.

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Where did you hear that?

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Same, I got extended wl too

Source for that?


At a school, you mean? So presumably someone with a direct line to a Georgetown AO. Interesting. Between posts here and on Reddit, it seems more like 80-20 that kids got asked if they want to stay ON an extended waitlist. My son is one of them. Kids on these boards are obviously not representative, but to me it sounded like the “small number” they referred to in the letter isn’t really too small. Or maybe they waitlisted a giant number to begin with. Thanks for your insight.

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I have a feeling it’s just that the type of people who comment here and on Reddit are also the type who would send LOCIs and try to increase their chances of getting in. It makes me wonder if most of us who got the extended waitlist would’ve been the ones admitted if they took a normal amount of kids though.

Very possibly. I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or worse on behalf of my son lol. It was a pretty terrible year to apply to college, and we feel lucky to have come out of it with him at least getting one school he feels really great about. I’m hoping for that ending for everyone on here, Georgetown waitlist notwithstanding.