Georgetown waitlist Class of 2025

May I ask what is the school that your son feels really great about? GT is my son’s absolute dream school so we are rather devastated. But we are trying to adopt your fantastic attitude! Along with the knowledge that in the end everyone usually ends up where they should be. I was rejected from GT (so many years ago!) and ended up having an amazing experience at the college I chose.

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It’s so hard to see them disappointed, isn’t it? I think my son is still hoping Georgetown will come through because he is really excited about the idea of being in Washington DC (he has a burgeoning interest in politics, policy, etc.) and the idea of studying at a school known for turning out future leaders and diplomats is so cool, but I’m trying to make sure we keep expectations realistic about the chances of getting off the waitlist. At this point, it’s clear that Georgetown considers both our sons to be qualified to attend Georgetown – it’s just such a terrible year to have applied. Hoping they can feel good about being so close to getting in rather than destroyed by the fact that they don’t have that coveted offer. They are obviously both well set up to grow where they are planted, and they will probably love it there! In my son’s case, that’s going to be UCLA. It’s a great school, though it’s large and will be a very different experience than Georgetown would have been. Fortunately it’s a lot easier on the wallet for us as he’s our first and there are two younger sisters coming up behind him. I’m not sure how we could afford Georgetown, to be honest. Hoping the best for your son, and maybe he’ll get off the waitlist! If he really doesn’t like the school where he matriculates, I’m imagining that kids who are offered the extended waitlist would be considered strongly as transfer applicants.


We will trade Georgetown with UCLA!

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My daughter was so disappointed when she didn’t get in to UCLA and honestly UCLA. would have been very expensive as it is out of state for us.

My son is also going to UCLA. He prefers it to Georgetown but I liked the idea of the smaller school. We are out of state but still less spendy than Georgetown.

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Haha! I’m sure your daughter will thrive at Georgetown! As for my son, hopefully he can do a quarter or more in DC through the UC in DC program.

Honestly UCLA seems amazing in so many ways. Other than the large classes in their first years, I can’t see much not to love (well maybe the small dorm rooms, but the students all seem to love living in those big buildings on the hill! seems like that’s how they all meet each other since the rooms are too small to want to hang out in). I’m sure they will have a great experience!

She liked UCLA or USC in the West Coast and Ivies in the East Coast. None of these schools accepted her and she was so disappointed. I am trying hard to make her like GT.

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Our daughter also received the offer to remain on the “smaller” waitlist. Wish we knew the actual numbers. But the wait continues… Its been a tough year, she was waitlisted at 9 schools.


We were told those on the ‘extended waitlist’ may hear something by mid- or late- June. Has anyone received any communication from Georgetown yet?

I know last year was a very different year when my child was waitlisted. GU did a waitlist, an extended waitlist, then another two extended waitlists before he was finally accepted early August. So, hang in there.