Georgia Tech Class of 2024 EA Thread

Hey y’all,
EA deadline is today (10/15/2019) so I thought I’d make this thread early so we can discuss.
Share your thoughts and stats below. We can also vent together.

Go Jackets!!

Why does common app say the deadline hasn’t passed ?

*I meant has passed lol but now it says October 17th so I’m confused

I had the same issue. I submitted on 10/15/19 and the Common App Dashboard showed “Deadline has passed” so I freaked out.
I went ahead and could still submit fine. Weird. Don’t know about Oct.17, maybe some regions are affected by some natural disaster?

GT twitter said that’s a bug with common app.

They have also moved the deadline to the 17th. All apps received before 17th midnight are considered EA.

I think they did this to ensure higher EA numbers than last year. Last year they had 18k EA. The morning of the 15th they said that there were currently 17k EA applications, and had received 6k overnight. A couple more days delay could push that final number over 20k.

This is not any decline, last year they delayed the deadline by 2 weeks because of hurricanes. So currently, they have matched or exceeded last year with 12 fewer app days.

Solid write-up. Thanks a lot!

Last year’s overall admit rate was 19%. 37% instate, 14% OOS. And they had better than expected yield.

43% yield… 3000 accepted out of 7000 offers from 37,000 apps. 30k for engineering/cs.

Tech likes 2800 to enroll.

Based on the current EA number and a probable lower number of offers this year will be ~18%. 6800 offers for 38000 apps. If apps cross 40,000 the rate will be 17%.

This is compounded for both EA and RD, right?
I know GTech loves EA applications, any numbers on that? 14% OOS is pretty generous if you ask me for GTech’s caliber.

Yes that is EA and RD.

This article states they had 20k EA apps last year. So my memory is faulty. My bad. But my theory still holds.

So they admitted 4k out of 20k EA. 20% rate… The combine RD+EA rate was 18.9%.

guys how do you fill out the gt app? it always says

Self-service vetting is not available for you.

i applied, have my account, tryina sign in w/ that, etc. idk

When does GT early action admission notification is available and does this also come with Financial Aid offer?

The Early action decision is set to come in mid January from GT’s website. In the past few years it has come on the 2nd Saturday of January at noon. The financial aid package in past years has not come with the early action decision. Looking at my daughter’s info from 2018, she got her financial aid award in Late March (although she got a College of Sciences Early Research Award e-mail in Late February that ended up being a part of the financial aid award).

Early action applications were 22,000. That’s up 10% from last year. Source GT admissions twitter.

Hey, this is not exactly what you were asking for but I just received an email from GTech finaid. You need to fill out an application (which seems simple from the email) to be eligible or prioritized for finaid, I’m not sure which one. It’s called the Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid.
Deadline is Jan 31, 2020 so you can complete it after your admission offer, technically speaking.

That’s both scary and exciting. I’d love to get an offer but with such a hike in EA numbers, it seems a lot harder than last year. I’m OOS, too.

Definitely one of my top choices, but I can’t gather much information as I am doing IBDP.

Hey guys I’m OOS who applied ea to business school. Do I have a better chance since I’m applying to the business school? I assume engineering and CS are the most popular majors, so does anyone know the acceptance rate or average stats for business? Thanks!

Look at the website below for admit stats. Pretty interesting. I seem to recall an article that GT doesn’t look at majors for admissions. At least they say they don’t. They feel everyone they admit should be able to complete any major offered at Tech. There’s a good student migration chart on the website below. It looks like kids are allowed to transfer to other majors unrelated to their original major.

That said, I would think that someone who took all CS classes in high school, joined CS clubs, and competed in CS competitions and applied to business would raise a red flag as someone trying to “game the system”.

What can I expect as a CT student trying to get into GAtech? I applied early action and am just above their 50% line for SAT. I’m pretty nervous because that 10% increase in applicants will surely result in a more selective process.

@xGunner I’m not an expert on GT admissions but I think you’re in the same boat as all other OOS applicants. I’m assuming that most OOS applicants are high stats kids.

They review OOS by area (not sure what states make up each area). With more applicants this year I suspect all OOS applicants have about a 10-15% chance of admission.