Georgia Tech Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

I wish GaTech released detailed data like UGA does. My anecdotal impression is that GaTech rejects a much higher percentage of early applicants than UGA does (<10%).


My dd was accepted! 4.0 UW, not sure the weighted.
2 APs as a Jr, (scored 4 & 5) taking 2 more now
Lots of leadership & extracurriculars
Small school, top 10% of class
dad is an alum


forgot to add she submitted a 1320 SAT, 29 ACT

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Congratulation. IS?? or OOS?

Currently GT has released just EA1 results which is In-state. OOS will come sometime in Jan


She is very lucky. There’s an active discussion over on Reddit now about all the rejections/deferrals at Georgia Tech today. One in-state girl had 1550 SAT and 20 APs (don’t know how such a thing is even possible), 4.4 GPA,tons of ECs and awards and did not get in.

DS is instate and deferred as well. Strong stats/Decent ECs applied for Engineering. I searched for the active Reddit discussion but couldn’t locate. Is it possible to share the link here ? Thanks.

Sorry meant DD above.

My dd is an incredible writer. I honestly think many kids, even with high test scores and GPAs, cannot articulate well in an essay. With GT using a holistic approach, I think the essay, type of EC’s and leadership make a big difference.


Not sure if I can share it here. But this is the link.

thanks advitha

What is you son major in? Does GT has different level of math classes, say calculus for engineering students and for math major, etc.?

My daughter was accepted into computer science this afternoon.


Currently planning to do a double major in CS and math. I am encouraging him to try courses in Econ and Finance and perhaps get a degree in one of those instead of math as there is simply too many core math courses that will not be very challenging. They do have different levels of math classes.

He loves the kids he has met at GT and likes the campus very much. His most interesting classes have been outside of his majors though due to GTs policy of limiting the courses you can test-out of via Advanced Placement. CS does seem like it will quickly challenge him but he was not as advanced in CS as math so that is a large part of it.

Counselling at GT is not great and to date they are unable to help if it is not a quick and easy answer. Presumably there are not enough of them. In all fairness, double majors are not common at GT which makes things a bit trickier.

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CS has math core requirements - ( These are same courses that are part of Math core - but they have more math requirements in different areas)

MATH 1551 Differential Calculus
MATH 1552 Integral Calculus
MATH 1554Linear Algebra
MATH 2550Intro to Multivariable Calculus ( Level 2 course)
MATH 3012AppliedCombinatorics ( Level 3 course)
& Probability and Statistics course

So when it comes to Calculus levels CS has high requirements. The main difference is in Math they have other areas - Real Analysis , Complex Analysis , Topology and other math courses depending on Math specialization

Optional concentrations in Math:
Applied Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics
Probability and Statistics
Pure Mathematics

I hope GT allows same core courses used for both majors. HTS allows that but not sure Math dept allows.

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He was able to get credit for 1551/1552 via AP and successfully took the ASE for 1554 and CS 1331 (7 hours). He wants to test out of Multivariable as he feels very confident he could from looking at past tests, but he cannot due to the 9 hour ASE limit. He has looked at a few other core Math courses and feels he could successfully pass those too, if allowed. He is not requesting the hours of credit, just wants to take higher level courses, if he passes the final exams, but GT will not allow it.

He took Math 2552 this semester and easily made an A, while taking 18 hours and staying quite busy. He did think the prof was very good and said he did not mind listening but would rather have done something new.

There are definitely some exciting courses for him once he gets through the core req’s, I am just not sure it is worth sitting through a semesters worth of them to get there. I do not understand GT’s reasoning behind these policies and he is methodically working through the system to get to someone that can explain it.

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Most instate CS students are very competitive and already come with 2 years of DL. But Your son is doing pretty good. Is he into Math Olympiads ? One option for him may be to sign up for more math courses, assuming some math courses that he could easily test out need less time to spend.

I personally think Dual Major in Math and CS is a wonderful idea as many specializations in CS needs strong math back ground. Particularly, if he is interested in doing Masters and PhD.
For ex:
MATH 1564 Linear Algebra with Abstract Vector Spaces (4)
MATH 4320 Complex Analysis (3)
→ Very useful in Quantum Algorithms as Quantum Computing is modeled using Comlex Vector spaces.

Discrete Math is needed for Graph algorithms
He is in right track. I think GT is great school. Is he set on GT are waiting for any other T10?
He will do good in any school.

By the way your suggestion that doing courses in ECON and Finance is good too, if he is interested in going to Quantitative Finance or into Wall street. In that case he he can do selective math, econ and finance courses would be great idea.

CS and math is perfect combination. Both are hard core so maybe that is why not many students double major these two. My D is interested in both area, she has take quite a few undergraduate math classes. We have no problem to repeat them at an advanced level as the classes she had take are not emphasizing the theoretical aspect and proves. She learned proof from AoPS. It will be harsh though to repeat a class at similar level. Thanks for your insight.


My son attends a small in state school. He has his midterm exam for multivariable calculus tomorrow. He just got back from a study group and told me all of the seniors in that class were accepted to Tech yesterday. One has been invited to interview for Stamps. So excited for these kiddos.:tada::tada: