Georgia Tech Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

Do you get a GT ID number (90X-XX-XXXX) after you complete your application? or you only get this ID number after you were admitted?

Every person that applies to Georgia Tech is assigned a GT ID. This is how they identify you in their system. They don’t use Social Security numbers for security reasons.

Hi we filed FAFSA as we were told by Georgia tech admission office that they needed it to be considered for merit scholarship and now they are asking us to provide verification. Can some one clarify it ? We don’t even qualify for any need based aid . Thanks!

When we inquired last year they told us FAFSA and CSS would not be required for merit scholarships. So you may want to check with them again.

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Thanks. Not sure why they told me they needed FAFSA . Anyway we have already filed it.

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That is my understanding as well. Only requirement for a merit scholarship is to submit your application by the EA deadline.

I just checked with them today. No fafsa needed for merit consideration.


My DD self-reported SAT score via Common App. In the GT portal, 'ACT or SAT Scores (Self-Reported) is marked as received under Application Checklist. However, under ‘View & Self-Report Test Scores’, no SAT score is shown. Only the self-reported AP scores are shown there. Does it happen to anyone? Should we self-report the SAT score under this section again?

Yes same thing happened for my son. He added them again in the portal.

I am not sure about in state, but we are OOS and my son received merit aid from GT and we did not complete the FAFSA as we do are not eligible for financial aid.


That is good to know but I had called few weeks ago and spoke with a lady she had told me that they require FAFSA for even merit consideration. So ended up filling it.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

We are OOS too.

Unfortunately, the people that answer the phone often don’t have the answers. I know sometimes they can even be students. A couple of years ago during a different application cycle I called a school to ask a question, and she answered it while I was reading their webpage which said something totally opposite.

Georgia Tech does not give a lot of merit. There are a few smaller scholarships for non-engineering or computer science majors, plus the full ride Stamps scholarship. They also give out a small number, I think 40, Provost scholarships which is half out of state tuition. The only requirement for those is applying early action. That being said, after you are awarded the scholarship you may be required to fill it out but it is not a prerequisite from what I understand.


Thanks for information. Yes the person who answered the phone was a student.

EA1 decisions for Georgia residents will come out December 9.

My senior received an email ~2 weeks ago with links to financial aid forms. GT sent it to me today as it wasn’t complete. Do they send this to everyone (early action - GA student)? I assume so but am curious.


What time are the EA1 decisions usually released? Getting ready for Dec 9!

I think last year it was 5 PM.


So like a lot of people we are waiting for decisions on Friday. In the meantime, I’ve heard a couple of things that I am curious about. Does Georgia Tech differentiate or prefer BC Calc/AP physics C over AB Calc/physics 1 - assuming both are offered? A friend said that seems to be a distinguishing factor at her school re: who was admitted. Seems to be the same at our school. Curious about others?